Eric Garner told five police officers he couldn’t breathe nine times before the officer who had him in the illegal chokehold finally loosened his grip. Nine times. He wasn’t screaming or cursing at the officers or trying to hit anyone. He was gasping for breath, using what little oxygen he had left in his lungs to send a message he hoped would save his life:

I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.

And then he stopped breathing altogether.

Imagine if you were rough-housing with a mate and he twisted your arm but instead of being funny, it really hurt. Imagine if it took telling him you were in pain nine times to get him to let go.

Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
Stop. That hurts.
You’d be pretty mad.

Or imagine being with someone who was injured and you grabbed the phone to call 911 only to be told by the dispatcher you had to repeat the instruction nine times if you expected anyone to pay attention.


You’d be livid. But at least you’d still be alive.

The five officers who subdued Eric Garner have no business riding around in vehicles with a slogan which reads “To Protect and To Serve…” because they obviously have no idea what the words mean. Well boys, it’s actually a promise from the police inside the car to the citizens outside the car that their presence is meant to keep them safe from harm and they are on hand to perform tasks which benefit the community. I think if nothing else happens now, it should be insisted that the slogan be removed from police vehicles. It’s no longer a promise. It’s a joke. And not a very funny one.

Here’s the transcript of Eric Garner’s last ever words:

EricGarnet-I cant breathe

Rest in peace big guy …

Peaceful protesting is an American right!
What the HELL is happening to our police departments???



Turns out police across the country have been using the LRAD Cannon on protesters since 2009 –  (G20 Summit) and again in 2011 (Occupy Wall Street protesters) and now tonight in NYC. What the Hell is going on with our police and who the Hell is giving the orders?

Working links from the graphic are here:

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎EricGarner‬ ‪#‎ICantBreate‬ ‪#‎shutitdown‬


Guy with phone charged - not the cop



More than 12 women have come forward to say Bill Cosby raped them when they were younger. Bill Cosby. Our Bill Cosby.

I-Spy-BookBill Cosby has been there my whole life. From his stand-up comic days in San Francisco Night Clubs through three seasons of I Spy to an entire generation of Cliff Huxtabel on the Cosby Show. I had all his stand-up comedy records from the early years and can still hear his voice complaining about his little brother Russell and it still makes me laugh out loud.

But the fact remains, more than 12 women have come forward to say Bill Cosby raped them when they were younger. So before you dismiss all these women as nutjobs and kooks because you just can’t bring yourself to believe your (our) beloved Bill Cosby was ever a monster, maybe just hang back and do the math.

If half of these women are gold diggers looking for 15 minutes of fame, that leaves at least six women who might be telling the truth. If only half of them are liars, that leaves three.

If only one of these women is telling the truth – that’s still one woman telling the truth. And if the claim of getting teenage girls drunk so Cosby could take advantage of them sexually is true for even one young lady – that’s still one young lady too many.

It isn’t widely known, but cute little Jerry Lewis used to have paid call-girls waiting for him in his dressing room when he was live on stage. And they were paid well because rumour had it that he was pretty mean to them. This came out one year during a telethons.  It later proved to be true.

So I’m just speculating here but I think (looking back) there was an era of entitlement that accompanied stardom. And it wouldn;’t surprise me to learn that incredibly powerful, highly energetic, creative men came with a dark side the public is never meant to see.

And the only reason it’s all coming out now is because we’ve gotten very bad at sweeping things under the rug. And very good at teaching our daughters to stand up for themselves and not be bullied by power.

If only one of these women is telling the truth, then odds are Bill Cosby had more than one victim. I’m just going to sit quietly in a corner and let that sink in for a bit.

These were ny favourite Thanksgiving posts on Facebook :)

Enjoy -

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Hope you all had a better Turkey Day than these two guys!!!

And in case you’ve never seen this, here is my favourite turkey recipe :)

How To


And last but not least, famous Thanksgiving regrets…

Thanksgiving Regrets

Now – everyone ready for December Mayhem? I may just curl up on the sofa with my knitting and hide until January 2nd :)


Landing on a Comet

Sometimes Facebook says it all…




A big shout out to all our specially trained protectors who stood on rooftops guarding this precious group of dignitaries … during a massive heatwave.

It was reported today that those rooftops saw 63c.  Go ahead. Google this phrase: Convert 63c and tell me you’re not impressed with Australia’s special servicemen.

There’s an old saying about letting sleeping dogs lie… and another about not poking said dog in the balls with a stick because no matter how docile the dog it will reach back to bite you. And that, ladies and gentlemen is an accurate description of the Australian Prime Minister’s sense of diplomacy. Get that stick! Poke that dog!

There are currently FOUR -fully armed – Russian warships headed to the east coast of Australia, their projected path ending on just outside the port city of Brisbane (also the capitol of Queensland, where I happen to live) and their projected arrival time is Saturday – intended to coincide with the G20 Summit.

Putin's Warships

courtesy of Yahoo 7.

There have been other ships in the past from countries whose dignitaries have been in attendance at the G20 but ALWAYS in the past these countries have asked permission of the host country to allow their ships to be present. President Putin on the other hand seems to have deployed his ships – unannounced – in response to insulting comments made to him by PM Abbott following an APEC meeting Monday last. I’m guessing this is how Presidents and Prime Ministers play that age-old game of  my dick is bigger than yours.

The long and the short of is PM Tony Abbott used his APEC meeting time with Pres. Putin to threaten him with exposure of certain evidence he claims to have regarding the responsibility of the shooting down of the aircraft MH17. Putin has claimed that it was a rogue shooting. Abbott is saying flat-out no it was you.

Pres. Putin isn’t just a sleeping dog. He’s a certifiably crazy-ass dog who has already shown the world what he is capable of doing by forcibly taking control the Ukraine against all reasonable outside argument. Does Tony Abbott not understand the basic principles of diplomacy when dealing with leaders and lunatics?

If we don’t end up in an armed conflict with Russia it won’t be because Mr. Abbott didn’t try hard enough.

In the meantime, this is happening just south of the Barrier Reef, and just northeast of my house. I am not amused.

Full story here
Updated story here.

And apparently we can now buy *Shirtfront t-shirts.

*To Shirtfront is to head-butt your opponent in the hopes it will knock him to the ground. Mr. Abbott vowed (in the mediaw no less) to shirtfront Putin to get him to admit the killing of Australian passengers aboard the MH 17 was the express fault of Russia. Yes, because we saw how well that strategy worked for the Ukraine’s.

Where’s Obama when you need him…

====== UPDATE ======

Cold snap: Russia’s icy admission

Russia has responded to media inquiries regarding the four warships dispatched to Australian waters. With a diplomatic response of roughly because we may need to use our ships in the Antarctic to survey climate change… the article linked above has this tidbit at the end:

The unannounced flotilla is obviously timed for the weekend’s G20. Tony Abbott says it would have been months in the planning, but the Kremlin has confirmed the ships left Vladivostok on October 23 – 10 days after Abbott’s threat to shirtfront president Vladimir Putin.

“Let’s not forget Russia’s been much more militarily assertive in recent times,” said Abbott.

He is, of course, referring to Russia sending nuclear submarines to Scandanavia, warships off Crimea, troops into Ukraine and long-range bombers flying over Central America.

For now, the world will have to wait to see what happens at the G20 in Brisbane.

Good read – good photos – two videos.


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