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My daughter posted this to my FB page with the note “Mom – put the coffee down before clicking on this link and remember I love you!”

According to this video Sarah Palin is claiming that the drought in California is a direct result of California politics/politicians… because everyone knows California is SURROUNDED by water – and all they have to do is build more desalination plants and reservoirs and botta bing problem solved!

So if this is a hoax it’s a damn good one – and if it’s real well… there’s really nothing more to say now is there!

See the video at

More res

Sorry I can’t type anymore… I need to find a pair of wooly socks to stuff in my ears and make the sound of her stupidity go away…


This video is now being reported on (and includes fact-checking about the water conditions in California and the state’s plans already in the works) at:

Cleveland Sun Times


It’s looking less and less like a hoax and more and more like the tell-tale sign of a mentally unstable woman pushing herself straight over the edge…  the edge of what remains to be seen.

`o/ `o/ `o/

Best story on the internet today is about how Mexican entrepreneurs are making a buck off The Donald by turning his racist-bigot-butt into a party pinata… Way to spread good will Don! Read it here.


Only two comments… first, I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t filled with candy by removing his hair and second, he really should be wearing a rainbow coloured tie :)

Turkish Police blast Gay Pride Paraders with water cannons… instantly create rainbows – LOL
Turkish Karma

To be fair, no one has verified this hasn’t been photoshopped – but even if that turns out to be the case – the photo has already gone viral and is now an integral part of the gay pride history :)

Ernie Bert

When my son was little and he watched Sesame Street with his older sisters, they would point to the screen and ask “Who’s that?” and my son would say “Big Bird” or “Cookie monster” or “Ernie-Bert”. And as many times as they each tried to get him to separate the names, he held fast – they were Ernie-Bert! One persona – one entity – one soul.

And now today they truly are :)

From Slate:

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Click link above to read Kennedy’s beautiful closing paragraph.

And the observation from Mother Jones that quietly inspires so much hope for our humanity:


… not just a few countries… THE REST OF THE ENTIRE WORLD thinks US gun control laws are beyond stupid.

Jeff puts it into perspective with humour. But really it’s not funny.

I may have published this before… old age is definitely setting in… but I don’t care… it’s worth watching again :)


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