This is brilliant! And surprisingly satisfying :)
I love the way his eyes follow you LOL  *

*If this link doesn’t work, look for it on FB or type it into your browser manually – I am having issues with creating links on wordpress atm (sorry!)


This is just brilliant…

From Little Britain First:


How good would it be to have hoofwanking bunglecunt in Wikipedia with a photo fo Donald Trump as its root definition?



“A message from States United To Prevent Gun Violence calls for an update to our antiquated gun laws. To get involved, sign our petition at… ”


May your year be filled with laughter, joy and love…

…and not this guy.


something stupid

Possibly my favourite message of the season :)

… you know, that fictional city in Aladdin? You can see Agrabah in Disneyland, nestled in a Storyland canal, on your way up the Matterhorn.

Agrabah - Disneyland

So, technically, 41% of Trump Supporters are so xenophobic they are willing to blow up Disneyland.

Full story here.


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