There was a particular episode of an old sitcom called ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ that sprang to mind today when hearing rumours about Sarah’s date to pardon a turkey. The story goes:

This old radio show had an idiot (played by Frank Bonner) running their station promotions. One Thanksgiving, while ‘Herb’ is in a small plane flying over the city, he prompts the DJ on duty, Doc Fever (played by Howard Hesseman), to tell eveyone to ‘LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOWS! IT’S THE WKRP THANKSGIVING DAY SURPRISE!” You see Doc’s face from a side-angle as he peers out a high-rise window. You hear the sound of a low-flying airplane.  Doc smiles, then looks puzzled. Then shocked. Then sounds of turkeys making their gobble gobble gobble noise. Then Doc grimmaces. Then he grunts and quickly looks away.  End scene.

The new scene opens with Herb walking into his office back at the station. He passes the still-stunned-looking Doc, and spits out, “Hey! Nobody told me they couldn’t fly!”

If memory serves, the storyline continues, revealing 100 live turkeys were taken up to about 1200 ft and dropped over the busy city as a gift to the crowd. Herb maintains it would have been a genius publicity stunt if only the stupid birds had known how to fly!

Hugh Wilson, the writer of this old sitcom, could very well have written today’s Alaskan Turkey Pardon, starring Sarah Palin. It had all the elements of a classic comedy. First, she couldn’t even get through her own delcaration without first looking annoyed at her script, then laughing.  Second, her delaration of pardon was longer than the US Declaration of Independence, and had an air of ‘yes, we wrote this in the pub two nights ago. We gave it a lot of thought and drank a lot of beer. So?’

The timing of Sarah claiming to be ‘a friend to small creatures’ coinciding with the slaughtering of the birds in the background could not have been timed any better by any award-winning comic of any era. I’m guessing that, as I write this, folks like Bill Cosby, Robin Williams and even Tina Fey are writing skits about today’s comedy relief gift from Gov. Sarah, and I find myself actually looking forward to David Letterman’s next monologue.

This video clip promises to be a classic youtube entry watched ’round the world for months to come.  If she ever does run for public office again, all her opponent will ever have to do is show this clip. And just keep showing it. Don’t say anything, just show the clip. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure, here’s a link to AKMuckraker’s take on today’s events in Wasilla.

Gotta run – off to make popcorn and watch it again! Hmm wonder what she’s got up her sleeve for Christmas!

UPDATE: Celtic Diva actually attended today’s Turkey Shoot, I mean Pardon, and she took some excellent photos. You can view them here and read her take on today’s entertainment.