This just tickled me:  

This article appeared in the Colorado Independent on the 17th of November, 2008. It tells how this particular ministry, Focus on the Family, poured so much funding into the passing of California’s Prop 8 (banning same sex marriage) that it now faces laying off at least 20% (more) of it’s employees. It reportedly spent almost $625,000 in cash and other support. One of the ministries more affluent benefactors added an additional $450,000.

The article, on the one hand, explains how the current financial disposition of the ministry is a direct result of it’s dedication to the preservation of the legal definition of marriage remaining between a heterosexual couple. (I’m sure they meant to rake in the kudos by showing they were prepared to go bankrupt to fight this battle.) But on the other hand, there’s the perspective of those who see it as a huge misplacement of funds and question the expenditure and subsequent lay-offs as a betrayal to the ministries congregation. 

Some of us just saw the irony. Gay marriage will be a fact of life one day, just as inter-racial marriage is now a social norm,  when only fifty years ago, in my grandfather’s day, it was unthinkable.

The facet of this article that gave me the giggle, however, had nothing to do with story content. It was the e-zine’s page layout that slapped the huge grin on my face.

Observe: Mr. James Dobson, founder and president of Focus On Family, is seated directly to the left of the opening copy. Directly to the right is this advert from


About ten minutes after finding this little political treasure, the ad had been replaced by a religious jewelry ad. At first, I thought the editors had spotted the gaffe and corrected it. Well I was wrong. The ad is in a cycle which periodically reappears.  So evidently, not even the good Mr. Dobson has noticed how ridiculous he looks bragging to the world about his out-of-state coup while sharing copy space with his very sexy coup-ettes.

*Ministry Jobs lost due to zealous expenditure – 202
*Ministry money spent to prevent gay marriage in California – $625,000
*Ministry article appearing next to Gay Singles Advert – PRICELESS!

If this isn’t karma, I don’t know what is – and it just keeps looping back to bite FOF in the ass 🙂

Mr. Dobson the sound you hear rushing past your head is the fast-growing tide of morally educated, compassionate human beings who genuinely believe all people are entitled to happiness, speeding forward in a re-energized effort to plow through the narrow-minded doors which you and people like you keep tossing in our path.

You cannot stop the human race from growing up anymore than you can wave your arms at an oncoming tsunami and make it change direction. You’re better off stepping to one side and letting life be what it is.

Original article can be found here