I’ve been offline pouting, unable to participate in any of the recent blogging events, anywhere, because I found myself without a workable keyboard. Grr.  We live just far enough from electronic civilization to warrant either trekking into the city for a day, or ordering new parts online.  I have an inkling, now, of what our pioneer grandmothers went through when a butter churner stopped working.  Well, except they didn’t have the internet or PayPal or overnight delivery 🙂

Without the ability to blog, (or comment or question or write letters to editors), I’ve been left to read, research and surf.  It’s been just like the old days of going to the library and then window shopping. Except you can do it in your blogger pajamas.

So I’m rummaging through my local newspaper, catching up on the non-Palin news when this word screams at me from a side panel. “WIDGET” it yelled! Wow, I thought reverently, three days ago I had no idea what a widget was – now they’re everywhere! So of course I got one! A pet widget of my very own that sits on my desk telling me all sorts of important things! Here… have a sticky beak at this:


I can tell what the temperature is without feeling my forehead! I can see -at a glance- a four day weather forecast! But wait! There’s more! Click open the little side panel to tell the widget for what area and how often you want it to perform updates! You could look at somebody else’s weather and they would never know! Cool…


AND… click the menu to find out what’s going on in your area RIGHT THIS SECOND! No more surprise brownouts! It’s all right here! Pretty convenient during a storm too, eh? What will they think of next!


Ok wait – what? This next feature confused me for the smallest second or two. I’m not really a gadget geek. I don’t even have a mobile phone. If I’m on a train reading a good book the last thing I want is my phone ringing. If you can’t reach me it’s because I don’t want to be reached! So it struck me as a bit odd that this gadget, designed to sit on my computer desktop would have the following feature:


I mean really, if the power is out… how do I access these ‘report an emergency’ numbers to report it??? Ok fair enough the widget can also plop onto mobile phones. Not owning one, I just didn’t connect that right off 🙂

But I’ve embraced the world of widgets, and informed my husband that i want more. “MORE CUDDLY WIDGETS” I said pointing to my new Energex toy as if he were deaf and going blind. He just patted the top of my head and walked away.

Maybe Santa will put some in my stocking 🙂