So I’ve just called my spouse to my desk to show him what Willie (my Widget) looks like at night:


The cutest bit is that when you mouseover the big moon on the left, the pop-up tag says SUNNY!

“Look how cute!”  I beamed with pride. “That doesn’t look anything like the moon outside. Where’s the smiley face?” he jeered. Earlier tonight, we watched the lunar alignment of the moon with Venus and Jupiter where the three formed to make a smiley face.

“You expected this little energex widget to look EXACTLY like the curent night sky?” I asked a tad sarcastically.

“What if i was a fisherman? What if I was depending upon that widget to tell me when and where to cast my nets tomorrow?” I stared, unable to speak. Spouse continued.

“What if I was lost at sea and needed to find the north star? What would your widget say then eh? What if I was a religious zealot and needed to know which phase of the moon we were in so I could plan the appropriate sacrifice? Does it show you where to get the closest, cheapest beer? Well? Does it? I thought not. It’s useless.”

As I watched him leave the room all I could think was… “Poor man – he’s been living with me way too long.”