I’ve been following your site since the Wasilla Project posted the second of their four videos. You people are doing such good work and I’ve got fingers crossed that your legislators see the wisdom in your efforts soon.

To show my support, I’ve just made a PayPal donation to your truly worthy cause from my home in Queensland Australia.

My $20 (USD) donation cost $31.75 (AUD) and of course I’m happy to do it and will continue to encourage others to do the same – but – and I say this with love and respect – I think next time I’ll just send you a nice bottle of Olivia Newton-John’s famous wine. That way the bank won’t be the major recipient and I’ll know I helped someone stay warm for a night in the cold of Alaska’s heating oil crisis 🙂

aka Lynn-in-Australia

Ps. It’s white wine for salmon and red wine for moose, right?