Anchorage Sept 2008 AP Photo

Anchorage Sept 2008 AP Photo





It’s obviously very windy.

Piper’s hair and your sleeves are blowing sideways.

The airplane steps look steep.

Bristol is having to bend to one side to see where to put her foot with her next step while balancing the bub on her hip.

Todd is behind her with a hand casually placed on each rail.


Can you please explain to us

why DAD isn’t carrying his own son

down the rickety steps?


This is how the rumours get started Sarah, because you and your family just do things that make the rest of us want to buy all of you gift certificates for group therapy..





CORRECTION: Willow is descending the steps holding Trig, not Bristol as previously stated. (My thanks to JC for finding this error.)


That said, it still does not explain why dad isn’t carefully carrying his own bub down the rickety steps.