All the newspaper articles reporting Trig’s birth say the bub was born a full month early. Sharon Leighbow, Sarah Palin’s official spokeswoman, on April 18, 2008 told Anchorage Daily News and Channel ktuu news here  that Trig was one month early ‘”to the day”.

This puts Sarah Palin, a 44 year old woman and mother of four at 36 weeks pregnant on two 8-hour commercial flights, four days apart, with the second flight occuring after she’s leaked amniotic fluid, and no one on either flight crew can recall a pregnant and or stressed woman on their manifest.

My Irish mother, at age 24 went to her dentist to have a tooth extracted without telling anyone her water had broken and she was having contractions. She was determined to not go into labour with the added pain of a bad toothache. So, she bravely mopped up the amniotic fluid, took a bus downtown, and when she cried out in pain the dentist assumed he’d hit a nerve – not that she’d had a contraction. Two hours later she took a taxi to hospital where she delivered my older brother.

I get that anomalies happen. But that can’t be the case with Sarah Palin, not in the way she describes, and I can tell you why I believe this in just one word:


The following illustrations and fetal information, (obtained from West Virginia Women’s Human Health & Resources) represent the normal growth of a baby which will have a full-term birth weight of between 6 and 10 lbs. Sharon Leighbow set the timeline don’t forget. This means Trig was born exactly 4 weeks premature. That put Sarah at 35-36 weeks pregnant at the time of her trip to and from a forum held in Texas for the Republican Governor’s Association. The same ADN article puts Trig’s birth weight at 6.2 lbs.

This is a normal pregnancy at 30 weeks – If Sarah gave birth at exactly 4 weeks early, this is how pregnant she would have been when this photo was taken:


This is a normal pregnancy at 33 weeks. This is how pregnant Sarah would have been when this photo was taken:


And finally, this is a normal pregnancy at 36 weeks – the exact time Sarah would be getting on and off airplanes, walking to and from airport gates, getting in and out of public transportation, using public toilets and being seated in public restaurants. This is the bulk Sarah would have dealt with on her flight back to Alaska and yet not one of the flight crew realized she was pregnant – at all:


Sarah Palin asks us to believe outrageous things at face value. She asks us to believe without offering a thread of evidence to help us believe her. 

Sarah Palin asks us to believe that a woman whose amniotic fluid has leaked just hours before, and is now on an airplane ride home, in a cabin with changing atmospheric pressure, was not noticed waddling to and from the loo. Her bulbous belly never once bumped into another seated passenger. Her frame fit neatly into her airplane seat, the tray fit perfectly atop her belly and the bub never kicked, jostling her glass of juice or plate of food.

Sarah Palin asks us to believe she never had a moment of discomfort in the twenty-some hours it took for her and Todd to travel over 2,000 miles to get home. Her ankles weren’t swollen, she didn’t have indigestion or gas and she didn’t need to run to the loo every half hour even though there was this 6 lb baby pressing her bladder into a squashed pancake.

Sarah Palin asks us to believe a fully-licensed medical doctor, over the phone, told a 44 year-old pregnant patient in her third trimester, carrying a baby known to have Down’s Syndrome,  whose water just broke, to remain in Texas, deliver a 30 minute speech and then fly 2000 miles back to Alaska rather than check into the nearest hospital, because ‘it would be okay’.

Sarah Palin needs us to believe she never had one contraction either during or before the eight hour flight or the four hour car ride home,  but then went immediately into hard labour upon reaching the sanctity of Mat-Su Hospital.

She needs us to take her at her word blindly and without question because if we don’t, there’s a chance we won’t believe the porkies she has yet to tell. And I’m guessing the really fat, juicy porkies are right around the corner.