The original Tim Tam is a chocolate bikkie, covered in chocolate, filled with chocolate cream. It’s touted as Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, selling on average 400 million packets per year in a country whose population is just over 21 million.


The name Tim Tam comes from the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958. Arnott’s (pronounced are nuts) has been making this bikkie commercially since 1964. The recipes for the chocolate itself, the bikkie base and cream fillings are family-owned.

To quote Arnott’s:
The chocolate used to make Tim Tam biscuits has been specially developed by Arnott’s to give a slightly caramel taste. The cream flavour is a delicate mixture of vanilla, butter and chocolate that complements the biscuit base and the chocolate. It’s this unique cream which sets Tim Tam apart from any other chocolate biscuit.”

They are to die for. The chocolate coating, filling and bikkie somehow manage to melt on your tongue in one synchronized moment of breath-taking ecstasy you want to never end.

You never forget your first Tim Tam. I was in a shop queue with my (now) spouse. Packets of these bikkies were in stacks the length of the queue. I remember spouse smiling, taking a packet from a stack, opening it and saying “here – try this” As I bit through the creamy chocolate into the fluffy biscuit the flavours exploded in my mouth like fireworks on a hot night. I thought I would be arrested and deported right there in the queue – I didn’t care.

Mark my words: Wars will be fought over this bikkie one day.

These are the current flavours:

Tim Tam Original
Tim Tam Chewy Caramel
Tim Tam Double Coat
Tim Tam Classic Dark Chocolate
Tim Tam Love Potions Double Chocolate and Raspberry
Tim Tam Love Potions Chocolate Mud
Tim Tam Love Potions Sticky Vanilla Toffee
Tim Tam Latte
Tim Tam Mocha, Double Coat
Tim Tam Chilli Chocolate

On the other hand, Australia sadly lacks See’s Candies and I have been without Chocolate Bordeaux’s for over ten years now… if not for Tim Tam’s and Pavlova, I would never have survived 🙂

aka Lynn-in-Australia

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