There are a few sounds in this world that one should never hear. One would be the crunching sound of metal on metal just after handing over the keys for your new Ute to your spouse. Another would be hearing your 5 year old say ‘uh-oh’ just after you’ve told him no, he can’t take his glass of red cordial into the lounge where there’s new tan carpeting. But probably worse than either of these would be the popping sound of a firecracker coming from inside your computer tower – especially when it’s accompanied by the unique smell of burnt wire.

It was just after we’d installed World Of Warcraft, an act I’m now convinced offended the Blogging Gods so much they blew up my computer just to put me in my place.

I’m in the market for a good sacrifice. If any of you know one, please post the instructions below. I’m off to see if I can find a cheap one on E-Bay.

Spouse has taken my poor, fried computer into the shop and I’m at his desk with the seat so tall my feet don’t reach the floor.