(Sent to Rep. Mike Doogan doogan@akdemocrats.org  29 Mar 09)

Dear Mr. Doogan,

Some of us were peacefully riding around Azeroth on our Wintersaber tigers, blissfully fending off giant fel-demons with enchanted daggers… just happy to know Barack Obama was where he belonged and that fellow bloggers were keeping watch over the rest.

And then, Mr. Doogan, you had to spoil everything. You had to go and turn into a dickhead, pulling me away from the first vacation I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Shame on you.

Shame on you for the childish email which began this entire kerfuffle. What stuff and nonsense. Was your goal to be a responsible politician putting difficult matters into perspective for the general public or were you too focused on nailing a comedic punchline at the end of each paragraph?  Shame on you. You are an elected representative of the people, not a contestant on the Last Comic Standing.

Do you not comprehend the letters preceding your name? Rep. Mike Doogan. A title given to you by those people who believed in you when you told them you had their best interests at heart and asked for their votes. Holding the title ‘Representative’ is a public acknowledgement of the people’s trust. It says you will represent your constituents in governmental meetings to which they are not invited. But that it’s okay because you will be their voice. Their voice. Their opinion.

The Rep in your name is a promise to honour the ideals and mores of those who elected you and to convey their wishes about what they think is best for them to other governmental agencies whenever it’s necessary for your corner of Alaska to be included in the bigger political arena.

It is not a joke Mr. Doogan. None of the matters in any of the hundreds of emails you brushed aside with casual aplumb regarding concerns about Sarah Palin’s ability to represent the state of Alaska were meant to be funny. No one found the comfort of humour in any of Sarah Palin’s behaviour during her VP campaign. No one found humour in how Troopergate and the ensuing subpeona refusals were handled. No one. And certainly no one found humour or comfort in the legislature’s decision to just ‘let bygones be bygones’, reinforcing the old cliche` that politicians are not accountable for their actions.

So please believe me, Rep. Mike Doogan, when I say to you that no one has found the humourous side of your betrayal to one of your own citizens in an obvious ploy to divert attention from your own public display of monumental stupidity. And more, that you’ve not the backbone to stand up publicly and admit you screwed up.

You qualify your website comments as being different from other internet users and mince no words about holding a (rather snobbish) repulsion for all ‘bloggers’. And yet – did you stop and do your homework Mr.Doogan? I mean before making an anonymous writer’s identity public, did you properly interview AKM and AKM’s family? Did you interview local police? Did you bother to find out if AKM was protecting children from some unknown crim or ex who might do them harm if real names and addresses were to be publicized? Did you? Did you do one thing a professional reporter does before disrobing a private citizen in public?

Oh yes. You sent AKM an email. Well there you go. Your conscience is clear.

Be glad you are in Alaska Mr. Doogan. Here in Oz, every TV Journalist who uttered your name, every person you passed on the street would just shake his or her head and mutter “dickhead”. And you’d deserve it.

(aka Lynn in Australia)

PS It’s occurred to me, as I write this, that as a pollie you actually aren’t entitled to a personal opinion. Your opinion is supposed to reflect that of the people whom you represent. Perhaps next time you might actually ask those people what they think before trying to pawn off one of your own opinions as that of the general public.

Oh wait. Isn’t that what all those emails were about in the first place? Your constituents telling you what their thoughts and fears were regarding their governor? Right. And you dismissed those people and their concerns as frivilous in a fanfare of inappropriate sarcasm, didn’t you. Too bad. All those votes now going to someone else…

** Editted 31 Mar 09 to remove AKM name (and gender where possible) per comment requests ***