I was having coffee over at The Immoral duckcover-353x295Minority,
reading this article about Senator Lisa Murkowski’s plea for a national early warning and monitoring system for volcanoes and it occurred to me that we could all benefit from having some sort of early warning system in place regarding Sarah. You know, some kind of seismic counter that would alert us just before she’s ready to go off?

A stupid meter, perhaps, that would measure the frequency of her idiotic behaviour, predicting when Sarah’s velocity of dumb is about to reach critical mass, thus giving us all a chance to duck in a doorway and cover our heads when she’s about to blow?

Because really, not only do her ridiculous public statements reverberate underground causing tectonic plate shifts as far as Australia, but her ash drifts everywhere and it’s quite difficult to clean up.

We could call it the Sarah Palin Early Warning System. Or simply S.P.E.W.S.

UPDATE: 08 Apr 09
It’s been brought to my attention that some Alaskans have fondly given Sarah the nick-name Governor In Name Only or –  Gino. I’d like to take this opprtunity to update my early warning system so we are all on the same page.

Effective immediately, SPEWS will now be known as Governor In Name Only Sarah Palin Early Warning System or just – GINO SPEWS