An Anchorage Attorney by the name of Steven Pradell wrote and posted this article regarding father’s rights in the state of Alaska in 1997. One can surmise that as it is still an active link, the article probably still has sound advice.

The article itself is copyrighted, and due to the time differences between our countries, I have not yet attempted to glean permission to use actual quotes from the article, but I see no reason why I can’t link it to this post and let anyone who might be interested have a read. It is, after all, posted on the internet for all to see.

It’s interesting to note that Alaska family law looks pretty much like family law in most of the western US states. Neither gender has an edge over the other one and the courts still use the what’s in the best interest of the child – not the parents yardstick for measuring fundamental custodial decisions.

Alaska family law appears to be no different from the rest of the civilized world, so Sarah does not have the authority or power to bend it to her will. But that doesn’tmean she won’t try.

There’s no reason why Levi cannot procure legal representation and get immediate proper visitation with Tripp – and to wait until Sarah has time to perform her behind the scenes trickery would not be beneficial to this young father and child.

Links of interest on the  subject of father’s rights in Alaska:

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List of organizations ready to help single fathers, including links to credible organizations like Fathers for Equal rights and the Chldren’s Rights Council.

From the home page:
If you are a devoted father who is having trouble getting your rights acknowledged, there is help available. In the past, single parenting has usually been thought of as a woman’s dilemma. Today, men can find help with single father parenting from various avenues.

A second article by Steven Pradell has a few paragraphs on grandparental rights in Alaska. This article was written two years later in 1999.

In the state of Alaska, grandparents have the right to petition courts for reasonable visitation of their grandchild, and can, in certain custody cases where it is deemed by the judge to be in the best interest of the child, have those visitations written into the actual custody agreement.

So Sherry – go get ’em tiger! Sarah may have all the smoke and mirrors and free corporate lawyers on her side, but you and your son have the law on yours.

We’re all rooting for you 🙂