Just two years ago, I supported a friend and her new husband during a rather wild custody battle. The two young adults came together each with small children from previous relationships. The mother of my friend’s husband’s baby was so certain that as the mother it was her right to call all the shots, she even went to court unrepresented by council.

She appeared before the magistrate armed only with a list of demands, which she read aloud to the court:

* She was to have all holidays, period.
* As the mother, she retained the right to make all medical, religious and educational decisions regarding her baby.
* The father would be allowed visits at her discretion, and only in her home. He was never to leave her house with the baby. (She further clarified that if he wanted an overnight visit, he could sleep on the floor of the baby’s room. That would be alright with her.)

I kid you not.

The magistrate, after lifting his jaw from the top of the bench, intsructed my friend’s solicitor to find council for “this woman” and to do it quickly. He did not want to see her again until she was properly represented in his court and until ‘someone’ had educated her on Queensland family law.

Three such solicitors were hired and let go before this little girl in a woman’s body finally realized her list of demands wasn’t ever going to be taken seriously, and that court magistrates always, always had the final word.

It took two years of courtroom drama, prolonged mediation and a stack of money to iron out an agreement amicable to all concerned. But from the first court appearance, my friends were granted immediate overnight visitation with no hesitation on the part of the magistrate at all. So they had regular visits during the entire drama, which increased overtime until they now share custody 50/50.

So my question to Alaskans at this point in the unfolding-and-ever-so-public drama between the Palins and the Johnstons, is why do Bristol and Sarah figure they can be calling all the shots in the first place?

This is yet another instance proving without doubt that the Palin women feel  entitled to write their own rules in complete disregard to rules and laws already in place. (This is just another version of the Senate Democratic nominee, actually.)

I felt sad for this young man who alluded here  that he’d watched his childhood sweetheart drift away  from him during the campaign, leading to their ultimate break-up. And it was all the things written on his face which he chose not to say that I truly ‘got’.

Bristol Palin, a young, impressionable teenager, was thrown headlong into a world  of free manicures and shopping sprees, trips to big cities, room service in elegant hotels and doormen to carry her parcels. Helpful people in crisp uniforms cooked and served all her meals and did all her laundry. Handsome secret service men opened doors and watched over her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Strangers applauded when she entered rooms. People asked for her autograph.

I’m never shocked that Sarah and her girls fight so hard to hang onto their public life. It’s hard to give up that lifestyle once you’ve tried it on for size. What makes me squint is why they continually behave as if theirs is the only family who deserves it.

So speaking of rights, why hasn’t a father’s rights group snatched up Levi’s cause yet? Are there no activists-for-dads in Alaska? Where are all the family law attorneys who could easily take this case pro bono and live off the fat of the free publicity it will generate?

Levi Johnston has parental rights. His parents actually have grandparental rights as well, unless Alaska family law is contrary to the rest of the nation. So unless Sarah has managed to also rewrite US  family law in the state of Alaska, neither she nor Bristol have any legal right to dictate visitation between Levi, his parents and Tripp.

This is a fine example of why nice, normal people (like me!) go off and play W.o.W. for weeks at a time.  Trying to keep up with the Palin family can just suck the life right out of you.

OOO hear that? I think I hear my tiger calling 🙂