Don’t you just love headlines? It’s where the editors get to unleash snarky and all is forgiven because the headline is just doing it’s job of coaxing you into reading the whole story. (The story is where they hide the facts. Well, most of the time, anyway.)

But my snarky headline aside, these are the actual two top stories in Alaska’s papers this morning. Wayne Anthony Ross was deemed unfit for duty in the Attorney General’s office by the state legislators. (Good’onya mates! Well done!)

Then there’s the kerfuffle created by President Obama after announcing the Obama Administration will not be persuing charges against the Bush Administration for (among other things) the torture of prisoners at the Guantanamo facility. You can watch Keith Olbermann’s head exploding here.


 This headline in my morning’s email made me guffaw. I guffawed! No, really, I actually did! Enhanced Interrogation! What rubbish! What’s next?

Little Tommy [crying]: Mommy! Mommy! Daddy just spanked me and it really hurts!
Mommy [in a calm voice]: Don’t be silly dear, Daddy would never spank you, he loves you. He merely applyed an Enhanced Behaviour Modification technique to your behind.
Judge: Your client has been charged with raping Ms. Landry. How does he plea?
Attorney: Why, innocent your honour – this young woman is clearly overreacting. My client didn’t rape her, he merely had an Enhanced Hormonal Response to a Sudden and Uncontrollable Penile Erectus Reaction.
 Hey wait a minute… Sudden, Uncontrollable Penile Erectus Reaction. Well that certainly explains SUPERman… 

<insert sincere apology to DC Comic fans everywhere>

Enhanced Interrogation dickheads.