It’s the heart of the McCain/Palin campaign for the White House. Sarah has just finished a speech at a rally. The bleachers are thinning out but the cameras are still rolling on Sarah and her family. They were all putting on their coats and jackets. Sarah had been standing next to Todd when a black man (a Republican fan, I’m presuming) approaches her to chat. Todd has now walked off, leaving Sarah to fend for herself in front of the rolling camera.

The man chats, Sarah nods politely (I believe she even twists a lock of hair once or twice) and she’s clearly uncomfortable, although the presumption is she’s just very tired and wants to leave but people keep stopping her and the pesky cameraman isn’t picking up on her body language and letting her off the hook.

But then there’s the most bizarre exchange between Sarah and this fan. Without remembering the exact wording on his part, I recall how his comment prompted Sarah to become fully animated, vehemently agreeing with him, gesturing to Todd over her shoulder and making some comment about how she knew exactly what this man has gone through, exactly what it’s like to be the brunt of racial tension as she and Todd have experienced this their whole lives.

It was a minor event, completely overlooked by the media at the time, but it made my 90 year old mother pick up the phone and call me 6,000 miles away. She was irate. Sarah’s audacity to tell such a bold-faced lie straight into the camera, much less compare her white-girl-beauty-queen life experiences with the plight of the black man, just made her blood boil. Did I say my mother was irate? I’m being polite.

I have looked through every bit of archived footage my eyes can tolerate but I can’t find this particular clip anywhere. I think it’s the same rally where they show Piper half-asleep on a wooden bench (but still smiling for the camera) and are conducting a last-minute interview with the family at the end of this long, arduous day.

If anyone has knowledge of where this footage can be viewed or obtained, I would forever be in that person’s debt.