Thank you so very much all of you who worked to find the missing links in the previous post on this subject. It seems C-SPAN remembered it was a News Network rather than a personal friend of Governor Palin and re-posted the Indiana speech(s) in its (their) entirety.

I’m not clear this is the exact clip I was after, given at the S.M.I.L.E. Breakfast in Evansville on Friday morning, the day after the right-to-life dinner on the evening prior – but part 8 has, if not the same, an identical explanation of Sarah’s personal choice to forego an abortion, including her statements about where Todd was, why he wasn’t in on the decision-making process, etc.

So even if it’s not the S.M.I.L.E. breakfast speech per se, it’s perfect. I’ve included part 7 so you folks in Alaska can chew the fat over her comments about how the press treated her prior to falling pregnant with Trig.  It’s puzzling, at best, but fits right in with how she attempts to continually re-write history to suit her latest whim.

Putting the kick-in-the-teeth Sarah just gave the Pro-life movement aside, this by itself should make your head spin…  Sarah claims to have found out she was pregnant while out of town. She elaborates, saying, only she and her doctor knew she was pregnant so ‘no one would know’ implying she could have had an abortion and no one would find out.

Two things, above all others, are radically wrong with this portion of Sarah’s speech. First and foremost is the simple fact that if she were genuinely a Pro-Life Advocate, worrying about who would find out what would be irrelevant because there would be no thought of abortion, period. That would be murder.

Second, and perhaps the more troubling to me, is why on earth would she have had a pregnancy test taken by an out of town doctor in the first place? Does she not know about home pregnancy tests? Do they not have those in Alaska? Why would an out-of-town doctor know about her pregnancy unless she sought medical advice of some kind? What prompted her to visit a doctor while out of town?

She didn’t bother to see an out-of-town doctor when her water broke while carrying a pre-mature baby known to have Downs syndrome – in fact, she made a huge fuss over not wanting to see any doctor but her own. (Hence, the long trek back to Alaska rather than checking into the nearest hospital in Texas.) So – why go to an out-of-town doctor for a pregnancy test one can purchase from any chemist and take in the privacy of one’s own home, only to turn around a year later and claim the reason you had to travel thousands of miles with a leaking placenta was because you needed to get to your own doctor?

Yes, my head is cocked sideways and I’m squinting again… Pick a story Sarah, any story…

The New Republic quotes Sarah’s speech here, and does quite a clean job of defending her right to make these statements and still consider herself a Pro-Lifer. However, their readers didn’t buy it and the comments which ensue end up being the better read. I especially liked this one, which I am happily pinching without seeking permission. Just call me guilty and hit me over the head with a gavel 🙂

blackton says:
What aggravates me about Palin is her acting as though her having a down’s syndrome child is a mark of heroism on her part. My wife and I recently had a baby, I am Palin’s age and even having one older parent increases the risk, but we had no amnio done. It was just something we did not even consider since we were having the baby and amnio presents some risk. We would only have done it at the express wish of the doctor.

How is it that she knew she was having a down’s baby unless she had an amnio? Maybe it is SOP for women her age but she could simply have asked if there was any risk to her life. If she were truly pro life she would not have known, as my wife and I did not know. We did not even want to know the sex except when having the ultrasound his little unit displayed itself prominently. We had 2 sons, and wanted a daughter, but que sera sera.

I am not pro-life, except personally. I told my wife before we got married that if she became pregnant she would have the baby unless her health were at risk, or we would not get married. It was not as draconian as it sounds since she felt the same way. Our adhering to our own principles doesn’t make us heroic, it is far easier to live by ones own code than to go against it.

But Palin, hell she wants to live by her code, get applauded for doing so, and have the option to violate her own code secretly if it ever becomes inconvenient while acting as though she were against the option. She is a disgrace. It is a mark of how loathsome Republicans have become that if she did not have a downs syndrome baby, but just a normal Iq baby, she probably never would have gotten picked as VP.

So there you have it Sarah – when you decided to tout yourself as Pro-Life to get a few votes, you really should have done your homework first and figured out what being a Pro-Lifer actually entailed. Oh wait. You don’t do homework, do you…

Hattip to Dr. Patois for the C-SPAN links – and all the inbetween digging around in the mud.