Bouncing around youtube I came across this delightful little video, a melange of Sarah bites, all wonderfully strung together for our entertainment in October last. It reminded me * nervous shudder* how close we came to putting this woman in the White House:

It’s appropriately titled Sarah’s Greatest Hits – and I’m hoping it’s tpmtv creator has a post-resignation edition in the works:


And in scanning the papers I’ve run aross this piece in the Wall Street journal. I don’t always – okay that’s a lie, I seldom agree with Peggy Noonan. But I have great respect for her thoughts in this article and highly recommend, whatever your political orientation, you take a few minutes to click this link and read it in toto. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Peggy Noonan
Wall Street Journal
11 July 2009

“A Farewell to Harms” 

“Sarah Palin’s resignation gives Republicans a new opportunity to see her plain—to review the bidding, see her strengths, acknowledge her limits, and let go of her drama. It is an opportunity they should take. They mean to rebuild a great party. They need to do it on solid ground.

…The media did her in.” Her lack of any appropriate modesty did her in. Actually, it’s arguable that membership in the self-esteem generation harmed her. For 30 years the self-esteem movement told the young they’re perfect in every way. It’s yielding something new in history: an entire generation with no proper sense of inadequacy.

…The era we face, that is soon upon us, will require a great deal from our leaders. They had better be sturdy. They will have to be gifted. There will be many who cannot, and should not, make the cut. Now is the time to look for those who can. And so the Republican Party should get serious, as serious as the age, because that is what a grown-up, responsible party—a party that deserves to lead—would do.”

More youtubes tomorrow – shimmerings from the lower 48 that more people are finally coming to terms with the reality their rising star is more of a drama queen than a royal find. I’m feeling ever so much better 🙂

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