During the 2008 campaign for US Presidency, Sarah Palin planted seeds of hate. She called her opponent a domestic terrorist. She claimed he kept bad company. She called him anti-American and added “he doesn’t think the same way you and I do…” insinuating his roots didn’t qualify him to even be on the ticket.

The problem with planting seeds of hate is that some of them grow. Here’s a look at what Sarah’s personal ambition is cultivating in her political backyard:










I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking it’s a bit okay because, after all, this was a touch of orchestrated mass hysteria, rallied from an emotional campaign. Surely these nice folks have all gone home by now and regained their sanity.

Well – think again:


“As a silver bullet may be required to fell a werewolf or witch, so is Palin the person needed to defeat Obama in the next presidential election.”

I realize I’ve been out of the country for a while now but… when did losing an election become grounds for declaring war on the seated President? What happened to getting behind the winning team? When did a duly elected President become a symbol of evil? When did the Republican Party stray so far afield?

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