Sarah the Reburn Governor:

Sarah Palin riles her followers much like a reburn flares up on a patch of charred land just after a big fire. You never know where a reburn is going to occur, you just know that when it does it’s going to be hot, strong and dangerous. The fear of reburn is [one of the reasons] why firemen won’t allow you access to your property too soon after a fire. They know it’s there, somewhere, just under the surface quietly lying in wait.

The incident of last month is one such reburn. It temporarily encited otherwise normal citizens to gather in a public place, shout perverse obscenities at passersby and cameramen in an emotional frenzy descriptive of the Salem witch burnings of olde.

One well-placed temper tantrum by Sarah Palin and a few hundred people were mobilized and focused on ruining the life and career of one of America’s most gentle icons, comic David Letterman. They were so focused, actually, they seemed to miss entirely the fact that Mr. Letterman had already apologized to Sarah and her family, at least twice.

A Fox News presenter interviewing the authors of the movement was visibly uncomfortable as she posed the question but David has offered a sincere apology which Sarah has accepted so the point of this rally is… what again?  Well the point of the rally was that a fire had been lit and it wasn’t going to be easily put out. We would need to be patient while it ran it’s course. Thank goodness, at least, reburns are characteristically short-lived.

This is Sarah Palin’s brand of politics. It’s one little flare up after another, after another. Not a lot of substance and they generally don’t last very long, but still they’re chockers with dangerous, hot air. They’re caused by flash fuels smouldering beneath the surface. Sarah Palin has cartloads of flash fuels. Things like government is too big and abortions are murder. Stuff like President Obama doesn’t think like the rest of us or that real America is only found in small towns. And now that she’s not going to be shackled by conventional rules, regulations or even the need to be civil, I expect many more of these ‘reburns’ are going to flare up across the country in the coming year.

With any luck at all, her flash will spark more firefighters than fires.

I leave you today with a look back at last month’s Fire David Letterman Rally. It’s important because this rally not only illustrates the mob mentality Sarah instills in her followers, but it identifies these people as New Yorkers. The people at the rally didn’t just watch 9/11 happen on TV, they personally lived through it and it doesn’t take much to re-ignite their fear.



*Letterman said nothing about rape. Sarah added that later.
*Bristol bore the brunt of the joke and she is an adult.
*It was a baseball game.
*Speak for yourself:  Everyone in the country was clearly not upset.
*How about doing some old-fashioned fact-checking before facing a camera 🙂

Well this guy isn’t that worked up. It’s probable he’s only there because his wife made him take her to the rally. And anyway he’s a Jay Leno fan. Anybody out there want to tell this guy Leno hit Bristol with the pregnant jokes months before Letterman?



This nice Jewish lady explains to us the meaning of schmuck and lets us know that Letterman is too old to be on television in the first place. But I do wish she’d pick an arguement: Either Letterman’s son is a bastard – or – he has a wife [whether she’s a slut or not is Mr. Letterman’s choice and completely irrelevant to this issue].

One should note: We stopped referring to children born of unwed mothers as illegitimate or bastard sometime during the middle of the last century. I’m forgetting which court, but somewhere in the US it was ruled that children should cease to be burdened with this particular stigma, that it was unwarranted, unkind and led to unnecessary childhood trauma. It was explained ‘all children are the child of God…’ Albeit why it’s on me to explain this to a religious person is ludicrous.



Why was it not okay for a professional comic to make light of a politician’s adult daughter regarding her very public pregnancy – and yet it is okay for one of Sarah’s followers to publicly accuse David Letterman of being a child molester? That’s a pretty serious accusation. I mean she didn’t even couch it behind the word ‘rumour’. (Where’s Van Flein when you need him eh?)

It continues to amuse me how Sarah and her minions trip over themselves in their inept efforts to turn free speech into a one-way street.


Amen to that!

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