Thursday 27 August 2009

Last evening the wound stopped draining. By morning it had increased in size enough to make me really nervous, so we called the nurse and arranged a visit. The result was a trip to the local ER. Spouse is currently in hospital, connected to an antibiotic IV drip, where he will remain until the doctors and anesthesiologists agree on a procedure. (Spouse has had two heart attacks in 10 years so while one doctor insists he should go under general anesthetics, another insists he should not. Results of an ultrasound will determine the coin toss, but the staff had left before the doctors finished their discussion.) 

However they decide to proceed, the wound ultimately needs to be opened (incized), drained, cleaned out, and the contents tested.

So far my husband has not been in any real pain.
That’s about to change.

Need sleep…