While slogging my way through notes written more than a month ago to get back on track with my theories on Republican Scare Tactics versus President Obama’s Health Care Reform, I noticed a new comment and felt a need to post it here:

Dear Diane Soper

Dear Diane,

My husband, on the day of finally admitting he needed to see a doctor, was – in my opinion – perilously sick – and with mostly the same symptoms you’ve just described for your husband.

When the GP sent us home that first day with a script for antibiotics and instructions to return the following day I literally had to bite my tongue to keep still. I’d packed a bag ten minutes after I saw the wound, and did not understand the decision to send us home rather than to the hospital.

A week later this cautionary delay developed into emergency surgery with a team of four doctors. While spouse is doing well now, I should have made noise – a lot of it – back on day one.

There have been two other little ‘spots’ which I did make noise about and both were treated immediately.  After the second eruption was found this weekend, our schedule has again changed, this time to allow a nurse with a trained eye to check him every other day. He can’t take any more antibiotics for a while as he’s taken so many in such a short time (this, of course, is the downside of antibiotic treatments) so it’s even more important now that any new potential carbuncles be caught as early as possible.  And I not only examine his skin daily, I also watch for any change in his mood, eating or sleeping habits, which might also be symptomatic of something being wrong.

I have actually gone through two full scripts of antibiotics myself, with the annoying consequence of having a thrush (yeast)  infection that just won’t go away. So please know that all the careful cleaning, hand-washing, wearing of protective gloves and eyewear while unpacking his wound and repacking it again is not a guarantee of immunity against his infection.

Diane – we’re all behind you.  Listen to your gut. Your instincts matter. Make noise. Don’t be afraid to share all your concerns about your husband with his doctors. And take care of yourself because you are one-half of a team, not a spectator. All those good people out there who kept telling me to take care of me – they were all spot on.  It’s absolutely the best advice of all.

You and your husband are in my prayers, and I’m sure in those of our readers, too. Please let us know how you’re gettting on 🙂

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