Welcome to the very first document created in my brand-spanking-new-way-too-expensive program; Microsoft Office 2007. One of the reasons for my unannounced hiatus was that I’ve gone back to work. With a few good contacts and a couple of new programs, I can proudly announce that after almost fifteen years of retirement, I have an actual job again! And – I can work at my own desk – in my own time – hanging out in my pajamas – and not wash my face or brush my hair if that’s what trips my trigger.

Yes my friends I have embraced the new millennium.

In this fast-paced, techy-gadgeted society filled with ultra-smart, energetic dot-com entrepreneurs all racing to find the next billion dollar idea, there seems to have risen an actual niche for people like me. (You know, old, tired and slow?)  I fondly call it Grunt Work, and its out there for the taking. All you need is an old-fashioned work ethic and a desire to do a job properly no matter how tedious or boring the task.

Yes my friends, all those little pain-in-the-ass computer chores that small companies and service groups need done but can’t get a 20 to 30 year old to sit still long enough to do them because the pay is crap – that’s my niche. Unattractive desk work at crap pay. And I’m loving it 🙂

There are thousands of jobs out there that no one wants to do but the need for them to be done still exists. So my small piece of advice for anyone reading this who might be experiencing trouble finding work in today’s job market is simple:  Stop looking at the jobs eveyrone else is competing for and find out what needs to be done in your local community that nobody else is willing to do and step up. A little pay is better than no pay at all, and the small business you help out today could very well become the big company who remembers you tomorrow.

I’m off to install Corel Digital Studio 2010, a new graphics-slash-movie-making program that promises to teach me how to take photos straight from my camera and turn them into professional-looking .avi movies. I’ve been using this old (eesh really old) program that turns everything into .mpg’s but the compression smunches all the detail into a fine fuzz and this is supposed to be fuzz-free, state of the art newness. I am so grateful to still be alive and kicking in today’s magical technology…

Ok, my first job only paid about a third of what I would have made on a comparable job fifteen years ago – but it bought two excellent new programs, a ram boost and I never once had to put on pantyhose – I’m stoked.