Have been skimming through the online reviews and excerpts from Sarah’s book and I have to say – if her writing was meant to change the minds of people like me enough to get onboard to support her political aspirations – she’s failed miserably. A few days ago I referenced her title Going Rogue as an unfortunate choice of words to represent a future presidential candidate. Rebel would have been a better choice. One can be rebellious and still have principles. Rogue behaviour simply describes one who goes against the grain of decency; morals and ethics be damned. It lacks honour and ignores boundaries. There’s not one thing romantic, glamorous or heroic about calling yourself a rogue.

I really hate that the people in her world don’t give her better counsel.

That said, the next issue to catch my attention is her unrelenting and unconscionable account of baby Trig’s birth. How anyone with more than three active brain cells can possibly accept Sarah’s fairytale saga of her grandson’s entrance into this world continues to amaze me. That a reputable journalist felt the need to leave the US in order to safely write the truth about it should be written into history as the ultimate American irony.

Most bloggers trying to shed some light on Sarah’s Fantastical Flight from Texas to Alaska on that spring night in 2008 to give birth to a child on home soil (aren’t all states considered home soil to an American?) have disected Sarah’s account and inserted more realistic, probable versions. I wrote my version here, complete with illustrations of what a fetus actually looks like in the last few months of pregnancy, including how large Sarah would have been at the time of getting in and out of public transportation, on and off airplanes and in and out of airplane seats – with never one person she encountered – not a cab driver, waitress or flight attendant – at any time – realizing she was pregnant at all, much less in her ninth month and leaking amniotic fluid.

My mother (who is not a fan of Sarah’s) tells the story of having a toothache so bad she needed to have it pulled. (This is probably in another post but I’ll mention it again.) The morning of the scheduled extraction, my father had gone off to work and my mother was to take a bus into the city. Her water broke while getting dressed. Determined to not go through hours of labour while having this excruciating toothache, she mopped up the water, got on the bus and each time she moaned the dentist assumed it was her tooth. After it had been pulled and packed, she confessed to her dentist, called a cab, my father and went to the hospital. My brother was born just a few hours later. When my mother mentioned to me in passing that (based on her own experience)  this part of Sarah’s story might be true, I asked her how long it took from the time her water broke to the time she was admitted to the hospital and she paused. Two hours, tops I believe was her reply.

If Sarah’s account of Trig’s birth were true:

*The event organizers allowing her to get on stage and give a 30 minute speech while leaking amniotic fluid would be liable for endangering the lives of Sarah and her unborn child.

*The airline allowing her to board a plane in her 36th week of pregnancy and while in labour would be liable for endangering the lives of the other passengers, Sarah and her unborn child.

*One of the many cab drivers she and Todd encountered would have noticed her difficulty getting into and out of his vehicle.

*One of the many waitresses she and Todd encountered would have noticed how Sarah didn’t ‘fit’ at a table.

*One of the flight attendants would have noticed Sarah’s difficulty with a food tray and/or seatbelt.

The Alaska doctor who advised her against immediately checking into a Texas hospital, instead approving her 20+ hour trip back to Alaska and stopping to give a 30 minute speech first should have her medical license snatched and felony charges filed against her for endangering the lives of passengers and flight crews on at least four airplanes, Sarah and the health of her unborn child. She should also appear before a medical board for having given Sarah carte blanche permission to travel across country that late in her pregnancy with a fetus ‘she’ diagnosed with having Downs Syndrome in the first place.

*             *             *

When I was a kid, the big thing was books with matching narrations on 78 records. Disney put them out. The narrations matched exactly the printed words, and sound effects prompted you when to turn the page. (I was reading whole books by the age of four, by the way.) I can still hear Bozo the Clown blowing bubbles from his diving mask and smell the applesauce brewing in a big pot on the kitchen stove while I sat on my mother’s lap, listening to Bozo, watching the words and looking at the pictures.

When Sarah opens her mouth I can hear the background music from the Emperor’s New Clothes records. The emperor had been swindled out of some gold by a travelling salesman, who knew the emperor wanted a new wardrobe so badly he was susceptible to a con. He dressed him in invisible clothing, held up an invisible mirror and told the emperor what he wanted to hear – that he looked wonderful in his new threads. When the emperor turned to his old mirror, the sly salesman jumped in front crying ” No, no, your majesty, don’t look in the ordinary mirror, look in this one! See how magnificent you are in your new finery!” Eventually, and because he wanted so desperately to believe the conman, the emperor embraced the lie, taking part in a royal parade dressed only in his underwear. Which, of course, was a disaster because the people with the real mirrors were all outside.

Sarah doesn’t want any of us to look into the real mirror. She wants us to keep looking into her pretend one. She skillfully achieves this with witnesses who either can’t be named,  refuse to get involved or simply don’t exist.  She cites details of events that can’t be verified and proffers not one shread of supportive documentation…

Sarah is quite likeable and very clever. But no matter how badly you may want her version of her to be real – she’s not telling any of us the truth about the birth of Trig Palin. And folks like me keep waiting for the people holding the real mirrors to come out of hiding.

Editor’s Note:
Sorry about the broken link – if the one above also doesn’t work, the post is in the folder called Sarah Palin: ‘Not the People’s Choice’ award winner 2008 – and it’s the 8th entry (Babygate on a Plane)