December 2009

In her book, Sarah jokes about having had contractions during her infamous ‘my Down Syndrome son isn’t due for a month and my water broke but I don’t need to go to a hospital’ speech in Texas. And yet here’s an excerpt from her press interview given to the ADN (Anchorage Daily News) just 4 days after the alleged birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin:

FAMILY FEELS BLESSED: Back at work already, governor says she wasn’t in labor in Texas. By LISA DEMER Published: April 22nd, 2008 01:11 AM Last Modified: October 20th, 2008 02:15 PM

“I am not a glutton for pain and punishment. I would have never wanted to travel had I been fully engaged in labor,” Palin said. After four kids, the governor said, she knew what labor felt like, and she wasn’t in labor.

The full ADN article is archived here.

So which is it? And how, after delivering four other babies, could she not know that the slightest twinge of labour (false or not) can become fully engaged labour without notice or provocation?

And why didn’t her ghost-writer know to check the local news archives so Sarah’s book would reflect versions of events already in print or on tape? Had the writer never researched a book prior to ghost-writing this one? Would Harper Collins have sent a green ghost-writer to handle such an ambitious, potentially lucrative endeavour? Would they not have wanted to protect their investment with a proper writer? The idea that all the discrepancies in Sarah’s book can be attributed to an inexperienced ghost-writer seems a bit too convenient to me. And fishy too, also.

But put all that aside because we have other discrepancies upon which to focus today. Below is a photo of Trig, a premature baby of almost 5 weeks, at a reported birthweight of 6 lbs 2 oz, being held by his grandmother, in the hospital corridor, just hours after he was allegedly born:

And here is a photo of Trig on Mercede’s lap, in Sarah’s dining room, at least 1 – 7 days after said birth:

Did you get that? Ok look at it another way. BabyTrig, home from the hospital beside my friend with her ‘just born’ bub, Missimoo.

The two babies pictured above are meant to be only 1/4 pound different in weight. Four ounces. 113 grams. That difference is equal to 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 stick of butter (US) or a 1/4 pound Big Mac (without the bun and lettuce).

Look again at the photos of Trig, one allegedly taken only a few hours after his birth, and the other on or just after his homecoming (which was reported to have been the day after his birth):

Now do you get it? The bub Trig in Mercede’s lap is noticeably smaller than the newborn Trig in grandma’s arms, and yet that photo was taken at least one day after Trig’s birth. The photos could not have been mislabelled or taken in any other order because the photos of grandma showing off her ‘hours’ old grandson’ is well documented by newspaper and television crews. Obviously, then, the aunt Mercede holding baby Trig while seated in one of Sarah’s dining room chairs photo, had to have been taken after the hospital hallway photo, after mum and bub have gone home from the hospital.

And yet the two bubs in the photos of Trig don’t appear to be the same age or weight.

Head – meet desk!

For the record, I hadn’t really paid attention to any of these photos when they were first shown a year ago. But some time after Missimoo was born, and I was looking through her hospital photos, the penny dropped. Look how Trig fits in the crook of Mercede’s arm. She needs only one arm to support him and only the one hand to secure his bum and his classic premie-baby, fetal-positioned legs. That was my epiphany. That’s exactly how my 4 lb 4 oz premie son looked and fit in the crook of my arm until he was about 5 lbs (around 4 weeks old). Missimoo, on the other hand, spills over her dad’s arms (see next) and her brother needs both of his arms to balance his sister (see summary). Plus, when you look at the photos side by side, the bub in Mercede’s lap has the look of a premature infant while the bub in grandma’s arms, with his well-rounded face, clearly does not.

This is a 6 lb+ newborn baby:

This is not:

The only logical explanation is that Trig was actually born several weeks prior to his public debut and that the MySpace photos (mysteriously wiped from the internet during the 2008 Presidential campaign) more accurately depict his real homecoming. Sarah’s wild McRide across the US was an amateurish exercise in misdirection, deliberately executed to establish her pregnancy as fact and garner credibility and favour with the media.

The photo-op pictorial of Sarah’s parents holding their newborn grandson in the hospital corridor the next day is as McPhoney as McSarah’s new McCheekbones. But it does establish her parents as willing cohorts in her scheme to separate the American McPeople from their McCash.

And for me, here’s the icing on the cake – if it turns out that baby Trig was born not on April 18, but in February or March, my (and a lot of others) original observation that Bristol and Levi, as two teenagers brought up under the misguided banner of abstinence only, erroneously thought they had a window of opportunity to safely engage in unprotected sex following Trig’s birth, thus resulting in Bristol’s falling pregnant a second time, fits surprisingly neatly into the timeline of a second son, Tripp, being born in December.

I cannot possibly know which of the Babygate theories is true, if any of them are true, but I can tell you that my eyes are not so old I can’t tell the difference between the premie look of the bub in the photos gleaned from Mercede’s MySpace, taken in Sarah’s home, and the more matured weight and look of the bub displayed in grandma’s arms, allegedly taken no less than the day before the dining room photos and purportedly only a few hours after his birth for the benefit of news crew cameras.

If (after you’ve stopped banging your head on your desk) you’d like to explore this subject further, there are more opinions, theories and photos on several blogs dedicated to exposing the truth behind politicians in general and Sarah Palin specifically at the following links. Some of my photos were pinched from news archives and these sites:

Hypocrites & Heffalump Traps   (What a premie baby looks like)
Hypocrites & Heffalump Traps   (Levi, Special Olympics & Trig

Palingates  (Babygate)
Bree Palin  (Trig the day he was born)
Palin’s Deceptions  (Mercedes Johnston MySpace Page)
Phil Walczak/KTUU-TV  (Journo allowed to film a documentary of  Sarah prior to Trig’s birth and before she announced her pregnancy to the public)

In summary:

When I look at these all together in a group, an old Sesame Street song pops into my head. And thanks to youtube, here it is 🙂


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Full story here

Seems a week ago Amazon and Wal-Mat entered a price war on their ten top selling books.  You could purchase a copy of  Going Rogue for the low low price of $9.00 from either online venue. According to the above link the price has already begun crawling back up but it’s still rather funny to think a best seller has dropped half it’s price in just over a month of sales.

There’s also a story bouncing about on how Sarah worked a deal with her publisher to sell discounted books to Republican groups (by the thousands) – quite possibly to give her initial book sales a healthier appearance while she was on tour 🙂

You have to know the money isn’t going to last. I’m guessing she’s spent a large portion on building her fortress and another on bribes gifts for family – clothes, cars, jets, etc. So you have to know without even needing to check, the money she’s come into of late is going to be gone  in a very short time.

It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much in the way of future printings for Going Rogue, so if she expects to rebuild her nestegg, she’s going to have to write another book. Or think of something entirely different. Oooo maybe the Alaska Fund Trust (Alaska Trust fund? I can never get the title straight) will be her next project.

Speaking of Foney Funds, anyone in Alaska know how Andree is coming with her charges?

While one of Sarah’s writers (you know, those people she employs to make it seem like she’s talking when really it’s someone different, entirely,  and you know when it happens because suddenly Sarah’s sentences are coherent? Heh, I just flashed on Sarah as a wooden puppet, sitting on a ventriloquist’s lap only it’s the puppet calling the shots not the human… wait – The Twilight Zone or a movie – can’t remember, but one of them did that already and it was a great story as I recall… where was I?)

Oh, here… while someone was writing for Sarah on her FB (see previous post) somene else was writing on a news *cough* website. CNS News  (with the logo) “The Right News. Right Now.”

I got chills.

The author’s name is Ben Shapiro. He’s got a three-point plan to defeat the Democrat’s evil plot to force America into socialized medicine.  His full article is here. This is his lead-in:

“Congressional Democrats, after all their faux wrangling, open bribery and bully tactics, are poised to reach agreement on a massive makeover of the American health system. This makeover will bankrupt the insurance companies, raise premiums, and eventually lead to the full nationalization of health care.
That’s what it is intended to do. By forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, the Democrats will destroy all profit margins for the insurers, expecting that the healthy insured will pay for the unhealthy insured. To prevent the healthy insured from opting out of the system, the Democrats levy the threat of fines and jail time. And when the insurers go under, as they surely will, the Democrats will be waiting.”

His plan is to (1) force doctors into refusing payment from medicare or private insurance. As he explains, doctors only charge lots of money because they know the insurance companies will pay them, and anyway doctors don’t actually need all that money… blah blah blah.

(2) Mr.Shapiro wants every (healthy) American to refuse private medical insurance and when the government starts fining people for not buying health insurance, they can each sue the government thereby choking the legislative resources into bankruptcy. (Every citizen who doesn’t buy health insurance is going to be fined? Really?)

His third step is the best though. I love that he even thinks of this as a step in a three-point plan. Ready? Got your sports cup in place? Ok then, here ya go: 

“3.  Stop electing socialists. This is the most important element, of course. The first two steps of this three-step plan will do heavy damage to both the health insurance companies and, by extension, the Democrats’ plans. When the health insurers begin to flounder, Democrats will immediately begin caterwauling about the need to fully nationalize the health care system. Pay them no mind. The government created the problem, and the government will not fix it. Democrats are not concerned about your health care—they are only concerned with creating a massive entitlement program that will cement their lock on power for the next 50 years.
Only an infusion of capitalism and entrepreneurship can solve the problem of skyrocketing health care costs. And only adherence to constitutional principles can ensure that infusion. Any government that controls health care has total mastery of its population. Our government must not be given that mastery; our founding principles reject such mastery. It’s time to exercise a bit of backbone in defense of our values—more backbone than we exercised in electing a bunch of power-hungry liars and thieves to high office.”

First, I can’t find entrepreneurship in any dictionary. At least when I make up a word I admit it up front. I’m pretty sure he meant free enterprise, but I can’t see how free enterprise gets health care to the less fortunate or anyone with a pre-existing health problem which is then denied coverage by today’s current health insurers. But that’s just me.

Second, in a true democracy, mulitple persons campaign for a single position. An election is held. One person wins, the others do not. Can someone please tell me when the Republican party decided all Democrats were enemies of the state as opposed to say – election opponents? There’s an awful lot of comparing American Democrats to the old Communist Party. Where does that come from?

And no, I don’t usually troll the Republican sites.  I found this through a link in one of the comments made to Sarah’s post, and because the comment itself was so – unclear, I decided to chase it down, simply to get clarification.

And then there was this other comment that leapt out at me from the page while I was scrolling because it confirmed my worst fears about Sarah and her ilk. This comment, my friends, is the whole point of this post.

A couple of months ago, when Shannyn Moore was doing her radio show, I called in (Australia to Alaska) and actually got a slot. I’d been hearing and reading this line of thought in several pieces, and wanted her (and AKM’s and Gryphen’s as they were on the show that day and boy was I ever excited to get to say hello to them!) reaction to what I was picking up on.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t worded my thoughts clearly and Shannyn took my question in a different direction. Before I could correct myself, my overseas connection disconnected and I never got back on.

But here’s the thing;  There is a movement out there, by a growing mob of  Sarah devoutees, who are quite literally declaring war on the Democrats as if all Democrats are enemies of the state and not their fellow Americans. And somebody in a position to actually handle this, better start taking these people seriously because the guy below isn’t the only one out there who’s thinking like this:

It’s one thing to enter into a competition and want passionately to win. It’s quite another to inspire a third party to kill off your opponent so you can win.

Dear Elblogo,

Government-assisted health care for people who cannot otherwise afford health care when they are ill and need treatment is not the beginning of communism or the fall of America.

American Democrats are not the enemy – they are American citizens just like you except they have a different idea. Isn’t having a different idea what America is all about? -OzMud 

(whole rant can be read here)

So while (most of) the rest of us are reading bedtime stories to the kids and helping them choose the best food to put out for Santa and Rudolph, Scarey-Scarah is still wearing her halloween costume and crapping on about the evil Democrats and their even more evil Death Panels.

Is there no one in the country who can get this woman to stop spewing her hateful, crunchwrapped garbage?

What take-over? What Death panel? And how can you possibly claim a bill which has been publicly disected for MONTHS to be… rammed through?

Democrats are as American as Republicans and even if ‘their’ version of the health-care bill passes, it’s NOT A TAKE OVER WHEN BOTH PARTIES ARE ABLE TO VOTE you ignorant, spiteful, malicious miscreant.

I wish no harm to befall Sarah Palin. But if someone could just separate her from her Blackberry for a month or so that would be good.

(Wait – is that a precatory prayer?)

Dear Harper Collins Publishing House,

What a disgraceful display of censorship. Having selected media banned from a  book signing, (Going Rogue, Sarah Palin, 22 Dec 2009,  Wasilla Alaska), an event listed and promoted by your company as a public event, was at the very least a shameful act of cowardice, unbefitting a business dependent upon a citizen’s right to freedom of speech. 

The local Alaskan media banned from this event had  every right to attend, to report, to ask questions of your author, and to get their copies of her book signed. None had reputations or past histories of creating public disturbances. They were neither armed nor posed any form of threat to your author. To ban certain media ahead of an event based solely on the premise they ‘might’ ask the hard questions or ‘might’ write an unfavorable review only shows how ill-deserved your client is of the fame you proffer her.

I am so appalled by your role in this anti-American act of media censorship I will never again purchase another book with the name Harper Collins on the jacket.

You’ve lost a long-time customer. 

Lynn ….

In light of how Gryphen, Dennis Zaki and Shannyn Moore were banned from the public book signing in Wasilla yesterday, I have just emailed the above letter to each of the addresses below.

I’m also urging all of my family and friends to cease purchasing any and all Harper Collins products and hoping you will all do the same.

United States of America
HarperCollins US
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
United States of America
Tel: 1 212 207-7000

Australia Office
25 Ryde Road (PO Box 321)
Pymble NSW 2073
Tel: 02 9952 5000
Fax: 02 9952 5555

United Kingdom
HarperCollins UK
77-85 Fulham Palace Road
W6 8JB
United Kingdom

New Zealand
HarperCollinsPublishers New Zealand
31 View Road,
Glenfield, Auckland
New Zealand
Tel: 64 9 443 9400
Fax: 64 9 443 9403

Two years ago my very Christian friend Larry sent me the following Christmas story. So moved by the little tale,  I simply could not resist creating the photo above and turning it into my Christmas e-card.

This is for Larry – may his soul find as much love in Heaven as he left behind here on earth…

Three sinners die in a bizarre car crash on Christmas Eve and find themselves standing in front of the Pearly Gates.  St. Peter was there to greet them and said “In honour of the day, you’ve only to show me some object on you which symbolizes Christmas and I will let you into Heaven.”

Still pretty blitzed, one man reached into a pocket and pulled out a lighter. His eyes sparkled as the the clarity of the moment replaced the fog in his head. Plunging the lighter high in the air he flicked open a flame and shouted “Christmas lights!” St. Peter smiled and waved him through the Gate.

The next man thought for a moment, then with childish glee retrieved a set of car keys from his jacket. Producing a tinkling sound as he jiggled the keys in the air, he looked at St. Peter straight on and proudly proclaimed “Jingle Bells!” The chuckling Angel waved him on.

The last man stood, head down, shoulders slumped. Half-heartedly, he fumbled through his clothing, turning all the pockets inside-out. Finally and sheepishly he held in front of him, for St. Peter’s scrutiny, a lacey pair of women’s panties. Bright red. St. Peter crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow and sternly asked “And what, pray tell, might these be?”

The blushing man replied “Well, sir, these would be Carol’s.”

Have a lovely, warm, safe holiday, whatever your beliefs.

Be back after Boxing Day – OzMud

Last April my friend Larry (in the US) complained to his doctor about a pain in his back that wouldn’t go away.  The doctor ordered x-rays and gave him pain meds. When the x-rays came back inconclusive the doctor wanted to order an MRI  but because Larry is self-employed he had to pass. His small home-operated company could not afford healthcare insurance. The $2000 test was out of reach as they were still paying off a medical bill from the previous year when his wife needed a $10,000 breast biopsy.

By June the doctor had upped his pain meds and had him walking with a cane.

By September he was in a walker.

Two weeks ago his wife called to say he was in the hospital, unable to get in or out of bed under his own steam. They’d performed an MRI and found Larry had cancer. They were calling it lung cancer even though there was only one small spot actually in the lung – there were metastasized tumors on the upper vertebrae causing the progressive inability to move. The doctors gave him a year to live if he underwent aggressive radiology and chemotherapy treatments.

Larry, aged 57 and who had otherwise enjoyed good health, said emphatically he would fight it. They booked him into radiology.

Late last week they were ready to send him home so he could enjoy Christmas with his wife, children and grandchildren. But he developed an infection. Last night, alarmed and frightened at his worsening condition, his wife and step-daughter stayed the night with him. Sometime in the wee hours, holding his hand, knowing he was in a great deal of pain his step-daughter asked “Dad, do you still feel close to God?”

Larry, a most devout Christian and wonderful father, said “Yes – in fact I can see him standing right over there.”  Then he closed his eyes and slipped away.

Nobody won today.

Last year Larry and I disagreed on politics. Originally Democrats, he and his wife were gutted by Hillary’s defeat. They didn’t know anything about the candidate Barack Obama except that there was all this talk about him secretly being a Muslim. They did like McCain. He seemed to be an honorable man. And after a while they grew to trust Sarah because (after all) McCain trusted her.

Well John – Sarah – one of your trusting supporters died last night. A man who didn’t take welfare, who paid his own way, took care of not only his own two children but the two children of his wife from a previous marriage. He was the dad who drove them around on rainy days and saw to it they were fed and clothed and loved.  He gave them Christianity for their hearts and was an excellent role model.

And because for seven months he could not afford a simple imaging test, cancer grew inside of him until it was too late to stop it.

Nobody won today.  You, John Mccain and you, Sarah Palin, and each and every one of your misguided supporters who joined in the teabaggery and obstruction of the public option healthcare reform bill should all be ashamed of yourselves.

The American Government is not a sport. Healthcare reform is not a contest. There are real people out here, with real illnesses who need access to qualified doctors and testing facilities denied to them by the greed-driven insurance companies  that you, John McCain and you, Sarah Palin and the Republican Party now openly and shamelessly support.

Stop spewing rhetoric designed to fire up the voters of 2012 and start earning your salaries as government employees! Stop figuring out ways to get the White House back under Republican control and spend some time figuring out a way to get medical help to the American people.

It makes no sense to me that ordinary citizens in the richest, most powerful country in the world (American citizens) are dying because they can’t afford basic healthcare.

Nobody won today. My friend is gone. The hope and promise of real healthcare for the US is slipping out of our reach – and I’m angry at every politician on both sides of the aisle who could have made a genuine difference for behaving like snot-nosed, narcissistic little children instead.

Nobody won today.


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