Because I was watching this Countdown video clip at The Immoral Minority just a few minutes ago and – sheer disbelief had me watching it twice more.

Watch closely between .40 and .59 seconds on the tape. I pinched this but it’s a blur and I’ll most likely have to take it down anyway because I don’t have permission to use it.


Anyone else notice how mom is dressed in full winter gear while the one-year old with health problems is in a summer hoody, bare-handed, bare-headed and the wind is blowing and it’s snowing …

I can almost understand the not putting on a full coat or wrapping him in a blanket to just walk the few feet from the car to the door. But could they not have at least put the bub’s hood over his head? It’s not like dad Todd has both of his arms around him protecting him from the chill or anything…

Who are these people?

====== Comments ======

#7 Anon: “It was really cold–below freezing, as it was sleeting and snowing. The forecast that day for the D.C. region was from 3-5 inches of snow. 31 degrees?”

#3 Albert Lewis: “I visit Alaska at least once a year and must tell you that Alaskans are often in shorts and t-shirts when it’s cold enough to put me into a sweater and jacket, plus hat.”

#12 CG: “Some Alaskans do wear shorts/t-shirts in the winter, but really only those who live an urban lifestyle and don’t expect to be outside – going from car to mall. [Which is kind of stupid to the rest of us Alaskans.]”

Oz- My normal attire when living in snow country was K-Mart special long underwear, jeans, flannel long-sleeved shirt and snow boots with a pair of men’s tube socks. If the sun was shining, I might leave the shirt unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves. When it wasn’t, everything was buttoned up and a nice thick, zip-up jacket was added. The jacket always had a hood and I always had a knitted hat in one pocket and gloves in the other, because temps dropped on a dime. 

I raised a special needs kid. The first 5 years were critical to his well-being. It was explained to me by highly educated people that this is when the lion’s share of special needs kids health problems all manifest themselves and act as a prelude to his adolescent years. He would be more prone (than my other kids) to chest infections, ear infections, eye and sinus infections, and the more we could prevent those from occurring while he was little, the less likely he would be to suffer from chronic infections later on. And I don’t mean to sound catty, but his corrective eyewear was worn all the time, not just for photo-ops.

#9 MAnxMama: “I’ve commented on this particular picture before. WTF is the Palin family thinking? People most always ensure that their children are dressed adequately, even if that means going without themselves.”

#11 Chelsea: “I can’t tell you how many times I got my little ones all bundled up and into the car (and yes, just a few steps) while forgetting my own coat, hat and gloves. I’m not a great mom, but I could see to that much before I saw to my own needs.

Oz- That’s precisely what makes a person a great parent though – that basic instinct to shoulder your kids from harm, from the cold, from unpleasant experiences even though it might mean you get wet or cold or tired or scared instead. This was a book signing engagement? Why was Trig even there? He didn’t write anything.

#4 Myrtilla: “The way it looks, one could form the opinion that she did not think the child had nerve endings. I would think that someone did intervene. Notice he is wearing shoes & pants, at least.”

#13 KarenJ: “… At least they put Trig’s shoes on…”

Oz- I’m Godsmacked. It takes ‘someone else’ to remember to put shoes on the fifth child of two parents who’ve previously raised four?

#6 Nick Smith:”Have you sad losers really got nothing better to do with your lives than write this crap?”

Oz- Hey Nick – Thanks for reading! And to answer your question: As long as the Palins keep pulling this crap we’ll all be out here writing about it 🙂