It escapes me, all the fuss being made in the media about The Intimate Life of Tiger Woods. Are there not more important things tugging at our apron strings – like the 19km-long iceberg heading toward the southern coast of Australia or Bolivia running completely out of drinking water because their million year-old glaciers have all but disappeared?

How does the sexual appetite of a guy who plays golf for a living trump the water shortages in our own backyard? Where’s the Queensland reports (dry as they might be) on how many new dams we’re getting built next year? (Are we getting any new dams built next year?) How has my effort of lining my kitchen sink with a plastic tub to trap every drop of excess water and use it on my garden affected our water supply?

Am I wasting time and energy arguing with my 85 year-old father-in-law when he tries to hose down the driveway or decides he’s entitled to use all the water he wants on a couple of tomato plants because (to his way of thinking) he can afford to pay the bill?

Because if it’s not having a positive effect, I’m happy to stop nagging my husband to turn off the lights when he leaves a room or to leave my tub in the sink because its doing something important even though it’s in his way and go back to wasting water and electricity with the rest of the population who thinks our resources will be in abundance forever.

I run through this same thought process every time one of our own pollies is stood down after being outted for having had an affair in office. Seems to me politicians having sex is old news  and if the act of behaving like tom cats doesn’t affect job performance (pardon the pun) I just don’t care who’s sleeping with whom.

We should be more shocked at the number of people who die each year because they can’t heat their homes during winter.

And here’s a clue: Where there’s an ‘office’ there are at least two people who’ve had sex inside it’s walls. Get over it.

I never understood the justification for America having spent millions of tax dollars to investigate President Clinton’s after-hours romp with Monica Lewinski. But then I never understood the public fascination, especially 50 years on, with trying to prove Marilyn Monroe had an affair with JFK either.

And while I’ve only been a part of Australia for a bit more than a decade now, I’ve been a citizen of the human race for six times that and I can tell you with all certainty, where there’s a man with great charisma, ambition and drive – there’s a sexual appetite to match – and odds are he’s getting some on the side.