My husband watches Fox News . Meh. He says it’s because all the silly Yanks amuse him, but I’m sure he watches it just to annoy me. That, and he’s confident I won’t stay in the room long enough to notice the bevy of blonde boobiage (please don’t google that I just made it up) the studio heads parade across their pseudo-news sets masquerading as guest speakers or experts on world politics and modern Christianity. (Because nothing says religion like a shiney gold cross twinkling above the neckline of a low-cut sweater.)

So a few times each week I’m exposed to (like it or not) the spewings of people like Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham. And the one question that always, always, always pops into my head is… why are these people so angry? I don’t care what subject they’re crapping on about, they’re always talking over each other, yelling, shaking their fists at the camera and girating like agitated bob dolls.

They’re always mad at President Obama. Every single thing President Bush did while in office is now magically and uniquely President Obama’s fault, including the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the big corporate bailouts, the long unemployment lines… and the most ludicrous… the fact we haven’t yet found and captured Osama Bin Laden.

I holler shoot me now! from the next room but all I get is a chuckle.

President Obama didn’t earn his Nobel Peace prize. That was the idea of some foreign lefty who just wanted to make the Republican Party look bad. (Oh please – you don’t need anyone’s help there.)

President Obama leads an army of Washington Elitists who are scheming to takeover their government and destroy their country through the elitist tactic of… wait for it… higher education! (How dare they!)

President Obama is not to be trusted because he’s an eloquent speaker and can therefore fool us all with his fancy-schmancy words and trick us into doing bad things like – fixing our health-care system or *gasp* paying the taxes that pay for things like unemployment and medicare benefits!WE DON’T NEED NO STUPID GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS! WHY WON’T THEY JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!

I exhaust myself just trying not to listen.

So with Sarah Palin conveniently hiding out vacationing in Hawaii (even though she disliked Hawaii so much when she attended a Hawaiian college she had to quit and go find another college in another state) I thought today would be a day of serenity.

And it was! All the way up to the time I poured a cuppa and logged onto the blogs to do some reading. Yikes! Sarah’s taking on the Schwarzenegger! Run Arnie! Run!

We’re supposed to be the United States of America. But… our  Republican Party is broken. There’s nothing but dissention and anger amongst the rank and file, and one can’t really build a party platform where no two people can agree on a plan.

The Republican base is changing. Sarah’s influence on the dissatisfied, discontented, we-want-answers-now portion of our citizenry is stirring a rebellion of distrust which will ultimately have us turning on each other just when we really need to be coming together – when we seriously need to focus on solving world problems rather than spitting out new ones.

The Republican Party is broken. Democrats are no longer talked about as colleagues who simply have a different slant on world affairs, Democrats are now talked about as if they are the enemy and the enemy must be destroyed.

Democrats are now outsiders and don’t belong in America.

If you’re not Christian you don’t belong in America.

If you believe in pro-choice, you don’t belong in America.

The two-party political system we’ve enjoyed for a couple of hundred years, where compromise has been the main force pushing us ahead as a giant of a country is being slowly choked by the hate, bigotry and ignorant rhetoric issuing from the ranks of the Republican base.

And no one inside the Republican Party seems to be stepping forward to herald the voice of reason.

The Republican Party is broken. Which means the American Eagle can’t fly. A healthy bird needs both it’s wings to fly. But the right one is broken.  And today’s Facebook entry by Sarah Palin and the comments it elicited- are a pretty good indication of why: