Two years ago my very Christian friend Larry sent me the following Christmas story. So moved by the little tale,  I simply could not resist creating the photo above and turning it into my Christmas e-card.

This is for Larry – may his soul find as much love in Heaven as he left behind here on earth…

Three sinners die in a bizarre car crash on Christmas Eve and find themselves standing in front of the Pearly Gates.  St. Peter was there to greet them and said “In honour of the day, you’ve only to show me some object on you which symbolizes Christmas and I will let you into Heaven.”

Still pretty blitzed, one man reached into a pocket and pulled out a lighter. His eyes sparkled as the the clarity of the moment replaced the fog in his head. Plunging the lighter high in the air he flicked open a flame and shouted “Christmas lights!” St. Peter smiled and waved him through the Gate.

The next man thought for a moment, then with childish glee retrieved a set of car keys from his jacket. Producing a tinkling sound as he jiggled the keys in the air, he looked at St. Peter straight on and proudly proclaimed “Jingle Bells!” The chuckling Angel waved him on.

The last man stood, head down, shoulders slumped. Half-heartedly, he fumbled through his clothing, turning all the pockets inside-out. Finally and sheepishly he held in front of him, for St. Peter’s scrutiny, a lacey pair of women’s panties. Bright red. St. Peter crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow and sternly asked “And what, pray tell, might these be?”

The blushing man replied “Well, sir, these would be Carol’s.”

Have a lovely, warm, safe holiday, whatever your beliefs.

Be back after Boxing Day – OzMud