(whole rant can be read here)

So while (most of) the rest of us are reading bedtime stories to the kids and helping them choose the best food to put out for Santa and Rudolph, Scarey-Scarah is still wearing her halloween costume and crapping on about the evil Democrats and their even more evil Death Panels.

Is there no one in the country who can get this woman to stop spewing her hateful, crunchwrapped garbage?

What take-over? What Death panel? And how can you possibly claim a bill which has been publicly disected for MONTHS to be… rammed through?

Democrats are as American as Republicans and even if ‘their’ version of the health-care bill passes, it’s NOT A TAKE OVER WHEN BOTH PARTIES ARE ABLE TO VOTE you ignorant, spiteful, malicious miscreant.

I wish no harm to befall Sarah Palin. But if someone could just separate her from her Blackberry for a month or so that would be good.

(Wait – is that a precatory prayer?)