While one of Sarah’s writers (you know, those people she employs to make it seem like she’s talking when really it’s someone different, entirely,  and you know when it happens because suddenly Sarah’s sentences are coherent? Heh, I just flashed on Sarah as a wooden puppet, sitting on a ventriloquist’s lap only it’s the puppet calling the shots not the human… wait – The Twilight Zone or a movie – can’t remember, but one of them did that already and it was a great story as I recall… where was I?)

Oh, here… while someone was writing for Sarah on her FB (see previous post) somene else was writing on a news *cough* website. CNS News  (with the logo) “The Right News. Right Now.”

I got chills.

The author’s name is Ben Shapiro. He’s got a three-point plan to defeat the Democrat’s evil plot to force America into socialized medicine.  His full article is here. This is his lead-in:

“Congressional Democrats, after all their faux wrangling, open bribery and bully tactics, are poised to reach agreement on a massive makeover of the American health system. This makeover will bankrupt the insurance companies, raise premiums, and eventually lead to the full nationalization of health care.
That’s what it is intended to do. By forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, the Democrats will destroy all profit margins for the insurers, expecting that the healthy insured will pay for the unhealthy insured. To prevent the healthy insured from opting out of the system, the Democrats levy the threat of fines and jail time. And when the insurers go under, as they surely will, the Democrats will be waiting.”

His plan is to (1) force doctors into refusing payment from medicare or private insurance. As he explains, doctors only charge lots of money because they know the insurance companies will pay them, and anyway doctors don’t actually need all that money… blah blah blah.

(2) Mr.Shapiro wants every (healthy) American to refuse private medical insurance and when the government starts fining people for not buying health insurance, they can each sue the government thereby choking the legislative resources into bankruptcy. (Every citizen who doesn’t buy health insurance is going to be fined? Really?)

His third step is the best though. I love that he even thinks of this as a step in a three-point plan. Ready? Got your sports cup in place? Ok then, here ya go: 

“3.  Stop electing socialists. This is the most important element, of course. The first two steps of this three-step plan will do heavy damage to both the health insurance companies and, by extension, the Democrats’ plans. When the health insurers begin to flounder, Democrats will immediately begin caterwauling about the need to fully nationalize the health care system. Pay them no mind. The government created the problem, and the government will not fix it. Democrats are not concerned about your health care—they are only concerned with creating a massive entitlement program that will cement their lock on power for the next 50 years.
Only an infusion of capitalism and entrepreneurship can solve the problem of skyrocketing health care costs. And only adherence to constitutional principles can ensure that infusion. Any government that controls health care has total mastery of its population. Our government must not be given that mastery; our founding principles reject such mastery. It’s time to exercise a bit of backbone in defense of our values—more backbone than we exercised in electing a bunch of power-hungry liars and thieves to high office.”

First, I can’t find entrepreneurship in any dictionary. At least when I make up a word I admit it up front. I’m pretty sure he meant free enterprise, but I can’t see how free enterprise gets health care to the less fortunate or anyone with a pre-existing health problem which is then denied coverage by today’s current health insurers. But that’s just me.

Second, in a true democracy, mulitple persons campaign for a single position. An election is held. One person wins, the others do not. Can someone please tell me when the Republican party decided all Democrats were enemies of the state as opposed to say – election opponents? There’s an awful lot of comparing American Democrats to the old Communist Party. Where does that come from?

And no, I don’t usually troll the Republican sites.  I found this through a link in one of the comments made to Sarah’s post, and because the comment itself was so – unclear, I decided to chase it down, simply to get clarification.

And then there was this other comment that leapt out at me from the page while I was scrolling because it confirmed my worst fears about Sarah and her ilk. This comment, my friends, is the whole point of this post.

A couple of months ago, when Shannyn Moore was doing her radio show, I called in (Australia to Alaska) and actually got a slot. I’d been hearing and reading this line of thought in several pieces, and wanted her (and AKM’s and Gryphen’s as they were on the show that day and boy was I ever excited to get to say hello to them!) reaction to what I was picking up on.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t worded my thoughts clearly and Shannyn took my question in a different direction. Before I could correct myself, my overseas connection disconnected and I never got back on.

But here’s the thing;  There is a movement out there, by a growing mob of  Sarah devoutees, who are quite literally declaring war on the Democrats as if all Democrats are enemies of the state and not their fellow Americans. And somebody in a position to actually handle this, better start taking these people seriously because the guy below isn’t the only one out there who’s thinking like this:

It’s one thing to enter into a competition and want passionately to win. It’s quite another to inspire a third party to kill off your opponent so you can win.

Dear Elblogo,

Government-assisted health care for people who cannot otherwise afford health care when they are ill and need treatment is not the beginning of communism or the fall of America.

American Democrats are not the enemy – they are American citizens just like you except they have a different idea. Isn’t having a different idea what America is all about? -OzMud