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Seems a week ago Amazon and Wal-Mat entered a price war on their ten top selling books.  You could purchase a copy of  Going Rogue for the low low price of $9.00 from either online venue. According to the above link the price has already begun crawling back up but it’s still rather funny to think a best seller has dropped half it’s price in just over a month of sales.

There’s also a story bouncing about on how Sarah worked a deal with her publisher to sell discounted books to Republican groups (by the thousands) – quite possibly to give her initial book sales a healthier appearance while she was on tour 🙂

You have to know the money isn’t going to last. I’m guessing she’s spent a large portion on building her fortress and another on bribes gifts for family – clothes, cars, jets, etc. So you have to know without even needing to check, the money she’s come into of late is going to be gone  in a very short time.

It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much in the way of future printings for Going Rogue, so if she expects to rebuild her nestegg, she’s going to have to write another book. Or think of something entirely different. Oooo maybe the Alaska Fund Trust (Alaska Trust fund? I can never get the title straight) will be her next project.

Speaking of Foney Funds, anyone in Alaska know how Andree is coming with her charges?