I was havng a cuppa, reading my daily blogs this morning when Spouse passed behind me and stopped. I was reading this article at The Immoral Minority and viewing this video at God’s Own Party. “Bloody Hell” he muttered, peering over my shoulder, “looks like the Yanks have finally sussed out our boys! This can’t end well…” and then he was off to forage for food.

Australian’s hate it when one of the skeletons in the closet makes it to the states. They’d much prefer you just ate the Tim Tams 🙂

We’ve tried to keep the Chaser boys confined to the closet, but word just keeps leaking out. (Evidently, we tried to keep Paul Hogan to ourselves as well, and you can see how fruitless an effort that was.)

Ok, truth be told, most of the time the Chaser boys make me laugh. Sometimes to the brink of tears. But then they’ll turn right around and just be incredibly – stupid – so really,  most of us just try to ignore them.

Case in point:

The stunt they pulled during the 2007 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference in Sydney. On the one hand, it’s very comical, makes an outstanding political statement and embarrasses the crap out of our smug beaurocracy. (And who amongst us doesn’t like to see their government officials embarrased, eh?) Well here – have a good laugh at this and then we’ll talk:

They were actually arrested. The network was so flooded with complaints they were left to suspend them. The boys had to appear in court and explain their antics to a not-very-sympathetic judge. Because the security was responsible for not having stopped them sooner, the boys avoided jail, were lightly fined and released with warnings.


 The sobering issue:

We were responsible for the safety and well-being of the leaders of no less than 21 countries. That included Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, US President George Bush, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (the real one, not the one Sarah can see from her house) and delegates from Japan and China.

The leaders arrived in traditional style, single-file, each in their own limo, to be delivered to a single meeting place where they would then confer in the same room, in the same building. And while it was, of course, extremely funny to see how far the boys got with their all-too-obviously phoney id’s, the stunt could have backfired in monumental proportions…

Because sometimes, the only plan the bad guys have is to sit unobtrusively on the side and wait for an opportunity to present itself. A tiny hole in an otherwise organized plan. A couple of seconds while the routine is interrupted and guards distracted, could be just enough of an opportunity to afford a lone suicide bomber unnoticed passage into the area. In that light, the boys were lucky they hadn’t gone down in history as the comics who’d cut a path for a suicide bomber to detonate his load near most of the leaders of the free world.

I would have thought it much funnier had it been just with our own government officials. Or maybe the cricket teams. Because comedy aside, the truth is they unnecessarily put a lot of people in harm’s way.

And yes, stop rolling your eyes, I  admit I still laugh at the video. The irony of my hypocrisy has not escaped me 🙂

Tomorrow, though, I’ll share the Chaser video I never laughed at it. Not even once.


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