“The Chasers War On Everything” 09 June 2009, ABC TV (Australia)

Needless to say, the fit hit the shan in record time:

After this episode of The Chasers was aired, nationwide public outrage spilled across the airwaves. The Make A Wish Foundation posted it’s reaction here. They didn’t accuse the boys of using poor judgement or having poor taste. In fact they didn’t criticize the show at all. They simply stated the obvious:

This skit could make it harder for them to reach some of the children who deserved their services because it’s already hard enough for some folks to ask for charity.

Parents of terminally ill children have to deal with so many uncomfortable realities. A skit mocking a dying child’s last request, making it appear lavish and inappropriate, could be enough to cause some parents to recoil, hesitating just long enough to be… too late.

So, as funny and clever as our boys are in most skits, and even though I boast my own  slightly warped sense of humour, I’m not one to throw money at the boys. I believe the comic who goes for the laugh at any cost is just a bully with a microphone.

(Most of their skits can be found on youtube under the heading The Chaser’s War On Everything. Have a sticky beak and give me your thoughts.)

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