The legal struggle between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin over custody of their son, Tripp, has made it’s way into the media, with speculation of details running hot and heavy on both sides of the Palin blogs.

The Immoral Minority, Palingates and Bree Palin sites, (see side panel “Great Bloggers” for links) just to name a few, have been reporting on the rather odd discrepancies of details discovered in public documents, surfacing as a result of this custody case, and weighed in with opinions and observations. The Huffington Post reported on Rachel Maddow’s observations regarding the validity of Bristol Palin’s Alaska-based business titled BSMP-LLC (an acronym for Bristol’s full name and identity as a Lobbying Consultant).

She is, after all, an Ambassador for Candie’s Foundation, an organization which preaches abstinence to teenagers across America.  Bristol headlined a town meeting last year on 6 May to talk to teenagers and tell them her story.  Many celebrities have preceded her including Alyssa Milano and Britney Spears.

The Candie’s Foundation website has all the bells and whistles of a bona fide fundraising organization. The NavBar works, albeit the menus prove to be slim pickings. The yearly events are named and shown with photos of their featured celebs, but there are only three – one each for 2007, 2008 and 2009. If they have more events they aren’t listed on the website.

Actually, having gone through the site a few times now, I get the impression that it’s not much more than an empty box. The outer trappings are all there but there’s no substance. For a foundation boasting the raising of millions of dollars in three short years, there are no details of how, when, were or by whom the funds have been acquired. And glaringly absent is a donor’s list.


So Bristol is the 2009 lead Ambassador for an organization which pays her (salary? commission? expenses?) and she’s only visibly worked one day.  6 May 2009. Well two if you count her TV appearance on the Today Show on 5 May 2009 to promote the event.

By listing herself (on legal documents) as a small business owner, she’s implied to the court that she is a working girl, financially able to support herself and her child. But there’s no money trail.  There’s also no visibility trail of having worked more than just the one day in any of the eight months she’s been Ambassador for Candie’s to date.

I wouldn’t blame her one bit, either, if she decided not to promote Candie’s Foundation. Have a look at their mission statement:

If I was a new mother that would put me off.  And this statement is the primary text, repeated throughout a website which offers little in the way of text.

Has the wording struck you as ‘on the nose’ yet? Let it sink in. Shouldn’t that read ‘the devastating consequences of teen sex’ ? Because teen pregnancy is a consequence of teenagers having unprotected sex. Like contracting HIV or venereal diseases. The latter, of course, striking me as more ‘devastating’ than becomng pregnant.

I would be really pissed to be told my first-born was a burden or a devastating consequence. And she was conceived when I was 19.

Well – I thought I could finish this before falling asleep but apparently I was wrong.  More tomorrow – complete with photos that will sock your knocks off :).