A 2008 press release advertising a public service announcement (produced by The Candie’s Foundation) to be aired during an episode of Gossip Girl introduces the video clip shown in the previous post. The release also states the publishing of their talking points list would coincide with the TV ad, proffering parents a discussion tool to use when talking with their teenagers about “the devasting consequences of teen pregnancy”. (It was all about promoting teen abstinence, you see, not their provocative tee-shirts.)

The talking points appeared in the New York Times and the New York Post. It’s reported that USA Today was scheduled to also publish the ad, but pulled out at the last minute using the ambiguous excuse of “unable to accomodate” it [the ad].

Hmm… October 2008. I’m trying to think what might have been going on nationally at the time… well let’s have a sticky beak at the ad and maybe it will jar my memory:

(click image to enlarge)

Oh my.

Could it possibly be that USA Today didn’t want the wrath of the Republican Party descending upon them like a pack of right-wnged vultures wielding giant claw-shaped scrubbers at their hard drives for publicly humiliating the daughter of the then Presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate via their dirty little walk of shame photo?

I have to tell you – and I will only say this one time… Had I been Sarah Palin when this appeared in the newspapers, I would have pounded the NY Times, the NY Post, Seventeen and The Candie’s Foundation into the ground and not stopped until grass was growing above their collective heads.What a horrible way to portray a seventeen year old girl whose only transgression was to announce to the world that she became pregnant and elected to keep her baby. Like, oh I don’t know, a few billion seventeen year olds before her?

The days of having a classmate disappear from school to go off and live on a farm with Aunt Jane long enough to give birth and put the baby up for adoption are over. And thank goodness that primitive way of looking at life is in the past. Well, for most of us anyway. (Either Neil Cole stills lives in that era or he’s just a businessman whose line of clothing wasn’t selling properly and looked around for a gimmick to up his sales. My jury is still out on that issue.)

But… the phrase “the devasting consequences of teen pregnancy” grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkbord. (Do we still have chalkboards?) Pregnancy is not a tragic consequence of anything. It’s a part of life. All life. Unless you’re a chicken or a turtle, maybe.

TCF also persists in likening teen pregnancy to an epidemic. Pregnancy is not a disease! It is therefore erroneous to refer to it as an epidemic.The statistical figures comparing the number of today’s teen pregnancies against those of my generation (or even my daughter’s generation) cannot be justified because today most pregnant teens are happy to share their news as opposed to my day when they were all hidden from sight and told to be quiet. We really only have about a 15-20 year window from which to glean almost-accurate stats. So Mr. Cole, looking at your numbers, is there an actual critical rise in teen pregnancies? Or are we just getting better at admitting the truth 🙂

Pregnancy is neither a sin nor a crime. Ironically enough, it is the right-wing Republican nut jobs who portray unwed pregnancy or teen pregnancy as such troubling, sinful and criminal behaviour that it must be STAMPED OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE GAHhhhhhh. Their drum-banging only serves to keep our adolescents (and their parents) riddled with guilt long enough to spout sanctimonious sermons on abstinence, all the while repressing any and all sex education techniques which might actually – work.

Onya Repubs… no wonder your party is carking it.

The big thing we (today) need to take away from this ad campaign launched October 2008 is this:

Before they were for Bristol Palin, The Candie’s Foundation was dead-set against her. She was their pin-up girl for family values gone wrong. They paraded her down their walk of shame without a second glance. They didn’t even think enough of her to paint a red letter A on her forehead. Just plastered her photo all over nationally read periodicals under the neon pink & white banner of: WAKE UP AMERICA WE HAVE AN EPIDEMIC.

And yet… I don’t recall seeing this pic-ad until a reader sent it to me a few days ago. Could it be the RNC cut a deal with Neil Cole to back off? Could Sarah herself have negotiated such a deal? Could Sarah have promised full use of her daughter as a gimmick for TCF to exploit in a whole new campaign in return for TCF backing down during her campaign?

It’s just conjecture on my part. But it smells *sniff* somewhat *sniff* dare I say…fishy.

Suddenly Bristol… is chosen to be ambassador for the same organization which held her in contempt only seven months earlier. We’re to believe that in October of 2008, Bristol’s behaviour was the object of TCF’s public ridicule and yet in May of 2009, the very same organization embraced Bristol as their heroine, portraying her exact, same behaviour as a shining example of bravery and maturity… I’m… spent.

Looks like pollies aren’t the only ones who can play the flip-flop game…

You know, it took me almost a year to learn this, but when something smells really really fishy… I’ve only to close my eyes to visualize the fisherman hard at work in the background…


And in case you’re like me and have never heard of/seen the television show Gossip Girl, here’s a youtube promo of their Season Two opening episode.

Yup this will help sell abstinence alrighty! And i’m guessing the shows other sponsors were thrilled 🙂

H/T to LisanTx for the October ad… and where it led is coming next 🙂

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