NewLeftMedia did a better job of capturing how Sarah Palin followers think, what they believe, and how overwhelmingly afraid they are of President Obama and the Democratic Party than all the major news outlets put together.

These people believe with all their hearts:

  • President Obama is not a US citizen
  • President Obama and his administration are naturalizing all illegal aliens so he will have uber voting power in 2012
  • President Obama and his administration are responsible for the economical problems in America, and the war in iraq
  • President Obama supports and allows partial birth abortions
  • Sarah Palin is the only politician who speaks for America
  • Sarah Palin (and only Sarah Palin) will deliver us from the world’s evils
  • Sarah Palin (personally) is our first line of defense against Russian invaders
  • Sarah Palin is still governor of Alaska
  • Sarah Palin will be the new leader of America after 2012

This is not snark. This is not a sarcastic jab at the new right-wingers (teabaggers) who are bubbling to the surface in today’s politics. These people and thousands of others like them were willing to stand in line, outdoors, in the cold of winter, for several hours (some reported in Michigan as 15 hours+) just to get Sarah Palin’s autograph on a book she didn’t write.

Imagine what they would do for her – if she asked.

This would all be comical if it wasn’t so bloody frightening.

Please circulate this video. I’m going to leave it stuck (at the top) for the rest of the month.

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