Google the phrase Republicans Criticize Obama and you will get no less than 13,500,000 hits. Pretty impressive numbers considering the man’s been in office for just under a year. Really. That’s a whopping 1.25 mil criticisms per month. 36,900+ per day. 1500+ per hour. If I had to respond to 1500 complaints every hour I wouldn’t have time to get any actual work done. I’m guessing there’s a clue in there.

The top twenty Google hits featured these headlines:

  • Republicans criticize Obama’s call to delay Hill inquiries on Fort Hood (shooter) Washington Post Nov 2009
  •  Republicans call Obama timid on Iran MSNBC June 2009
  • House Republicans criticize Obama timeline (troop support)CBS News Dec 2009
  • Republicans criticize ABC News for Obama healthcare infomercial Entertainment Weekly June 2009

And my Google-search favourite:

Politico – January 06, 2010
New York Rep. Peter King, a leading Republican critic of the White House on terror policy, offered a piece of advice on “Good Morning America” today: Obama should speak the word “terrorism” more.

“You are saying someone should be held accountable. Name one other specific recommendation the president could implement right now to fix this,” host George Stephanopoulos said to King.

“I think one main thing would be to — just himself to use the word terrorism more often,” said King, the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee.

So… let me get this straight. First you pour millions of dollars into an unsuccessful search for the guy behind the 9-11  attack on America. When you fail, you declare war on a different country, claiming this country surely was in cahoots with the first guy, pouring millions more into a war whose sole definition is ‘if it moves shoot it down – we’re bound to catch something that will justify the bullets’ – then when the American people have had enough of your no-plan-plan and vote your party out of office, your new political strategy is  to complain so much and so loud that nobody can focus on the actual problems? Sort of a ‘Hey if it wasn’t our idea shoot it down and make a lot of whooping sounds so they’ll get confused and forget who started this!’And when kicking and screaming doesn’t work you blame the Obama Administralion for all the problems the Bush Administration actually created? And then you tell the person with the biggest chance to broker peace in the Middle East to call more people terrorists because the American people aren’t afraid enough?

Interesting game plan. Shoot. Holler. Blame. [Repeat]

The Republican Party reminds me more and more of my ex-husband. (And I’m really sorry about the harshness of this comparison but you guys have just been asking for it.) Obviously very few of you know what I mean by this, so here, let me introduce you to him:

It was early 1970’s. I was a stay-at-home mom, pregnant with my second bub. My firstborn was every mother’s dream come true, especially when it came to eating. She ate everything you put in front of her. Everything. If she didn’t eat, it meant she was sick. But on a normal day, she ate all of her vegetables, no matter what kind they were, meat, potatos – and she loved milk. Most nights she had 2-3 glasses of milk with dinner. (This was back in the day when Golden Guernsey, an enriched milk was not only available, it was actually considered good for you.) While other parents were busily concocting ways to bribe their children to eat properly, I had not one complaint about my daughter’s eating habits.

But something snapped in her father’s head when she was four. Not content with enjoying how well-behaved his daughter was at the dinner table, or pleased that she ate everything we gave her sans fuss or complaint, he decided one night (as she asked for a second glass of milk) to change the rules. He announced to us both that she could not have a second glass of milk until she’d finished all her vegetables. We both looked at him and then at each other and I nodded. She quickly polished off her vegetables, handed me her empty glass and I filled it.

The next night as she reached for her first glass of milk, her father snatched it up and told her she couldn’t have any milk at all until she’d eaten every bite of meat. She did. He gave her the glass back.

The next night she ate her meat first and reached for the milk. Again the Sicilian hand of fate got to the glass first and she was told “didn’t I say to eat your vegetables first?”

This went on for a week. Then one night she sat at the table, not eating at all, one hand holding up her chin while the other pushed a few peas around the plate with a fork. After several minutes her father asked her why she wasn’t eating. I wanted to scream “Because she has no friggin’ clue what you want her to eat first, moron!” but her young, little voice intervened. She replied, simply “Papa, you give me a headache.”

This is just my opinion, but I really believe the Republicans would be more effective with their criticisms of the current White House Administration if they first took responsibility for their role in having created these messes, if the criticisms were fewer, prioritized and not bouncing around like a parent who can’t make up his mind what he wants his kid to do next.

The Republicans’ erratic style of continuous whinging in this first year of President Obama holding office has only given me and others a giant headache. (And now I’m suddenly, irrationally concerned about the President’s eating habits.  Someone’s keeping an eye on his diet, right? Right? Oh great, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight… stoobud Republicans…)

Criticism for the sake of hearing the sound of one’s own voice is neither constructive nor contributive and all one gets from the experience is facial wrinkles.

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