For the second time in as many years we’ve watched the new brand of bully politics take root in America. The first time was back in ’08 when James Dobson, founder of Focus on Family, a right-wing religious organization based in Colorado, proudly spent massive amounts of church donations to overturn gay marriage rights in California.

The overturned decision which subsequently voided existing same-sex marriages and denying any such unions in the future didn’t then and still doesn’t now actually reflect the ideals of the majority of California citizens. But the outsiders on a religious mission learned that with some money, a few doomsday placards and a lot of pushing, they could instill just enough fear among people to get their vote.

Yesterday we watched again while out-of-state right-wing zealots posing as the Republican Party swooped into Massachusetts and undermined a state election that was actually, none of their business. Would the outcome of this special election for Sen. Ted kennedy’s Senate seat of 46 years affect their party position in Washington? You bet. But it was for the people of Massachusetts to decide who best represented their majority, not the out-of-state campaigners who don’t actually live in Massachusetts.

If, in fact, the blue state of Massachusetts was ready to turn red, than fair enough. Godspeed Sen. Brown. But the state has had many opportunities to vote in Republican representation, and so far, it’s retained Democratic roots in both houses of Congress and in the hearts of the majority of it’s voters.

So why now? Why with the seat of the most beloved politician in the state, did Massachusetts decide to completely fly in the face of their beliefs and vote in the party most likely to cause the rest of their representatives in Congress, years of unnecessary struggle?

Are the citizens of Mssachusetts that afraid of healthcare reform? I don’t think so. And neither should you. Massachusetts current healthcare system most emulates the healthcare system President Obama’s Administration is trying to give the rest of the country. It is neither socialized medicine nor communism. The hysteria-propaganda spread by the far right claiming otherwise is an unconscionable attempt to manipulate election results. and apparently, it’s working.

This can only get worse. The bully tactics put forth by the Sarah Palins, Bill O’Reillys and Glenn Becks of the country are taking root. Somehow, somewhere, someone needs to start making them accountable for what comes off their presses and out of their mouths.

Someone needs to make Fox News Channel accountable for the mis-information they pass off as accurate news reports.

Someone else needs to address outside partisan influences on state elections.

Sorry Ted – I was cheering for your side 😦

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