From just before Christmas, my techy troubles made it imposible to upload photos from my digital camera to my computer. Now I’ve got a month’s worth of photos to sort through, so it’s like Christmas all over again.

To top it off – last week – there was this incredible sunset. I threw on shoes, grabbed the camera and raced outside to capture as much as I could before the light sank below the horizon. I’ll show more later, (I’m busily learning new graphics/video programs atm) but for now I thought I’d share this piece of that amazing light show with all of you.

And who doesn’t love pressies! 

[Lft-click]  on the thumbnail to see it enlarged then [rt-click] on the original to bring up an options menu. Choose ‘save picture as’  to load it into a folder on your computer. Choose ‘set as background’ to put it directly onto your desktop. I didn’t try to copy-protect it by splattering my name across it in shaded lettering – this is purely a gift from nature to me to you.

A poinciana tree stands in the foreground. The city of Ipswich (Qld Australia) is in the distance. The view is the night sky as seen from my front yard.

These are the actual colours of the sky that night. There were no filters or gadgets making artistic adjustments and I have no fancy gear – just a very tired, well-loved Kodak digital camera. Nature did this all by herself. (Ok, polution probably had a hand in it too, but I just can’t look at these gorgeous colours and think – factory smoke-stack.)

Happy Belated Merry Everything!

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