Australian bank officer David Kiely was opening emails while behind him cameras were busy filming a live financial report for the morning’s Channel Seven News. Not realizing that (a) the cameras were rolling or (b) that his monitor was facing the cameras rolling, Mr. Kiely took his time perusing some nude photos which apparently popped up in one of the emails.

Kiely is busily chatting with a co-worker who finally sees the nude shots appear on one of the live monitors and leans in to tell Mr. Kiely the good news – that his email porn was being aired on live television. This can only be described as a priceless, unforgettable moment in Australia’s history. See mr. O’Reilly? Australia’s not racist. Just randy!

Within minutes the bit had been broadcast to the US, Great Britain, Canada and New Zealand… oh the joy of youtube. Welcome to the new millenium, boys! Zip up! There’s always a camera on somewhere!

Full story is here  and it’s well worth the read. What a great way to start the month!

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