Coffee Party activists say their civic brew’s a tastier choice than Tea Party’s

By Dan Zak

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, February 26, 2010

Furious at the tempest over the Tea Party — the scattershot citizen uprising against big government and wild spending — Annabel Park did what any American does when she feels her voice has been drowned out: She squeezed her anger into a Facebook status update.

let’s start a coffee party . . . smoothie party. red bull party. anything but tea. geez. ooh how about cappuccino party? that would really piss ’em off bec it sounds elitist . . . let’s get together and drink cappuccino and have real political dialogue with substance and compassion.

And so was born Coffee Party USA.

From their mission statement:
The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans.

Finally! A party I can actually enjoy with my morning bagel! Please go over to WaPo and read the whole article. The links are informative. The writing is wonderful. I know you’ll be pleased. Especially with the next to last line:

Within two weeks of forming, the Los Angeles chapter produced a five-minute video in which citizens yearn for sensible progress and lament obstructionist truth-twisting.

Gosh – obstructionist truth-twisting – To whom can they possibly be referring?


PS.  For my Oz friends – ‘Taster’s Choice’ is a classic brand of instant coffee in the USA. Made a clever title even more so.

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