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guesswho Says:
February 27, 2010 at 7:04 am e
Warning! Warning! You’re not safe either!!

The gun-toting, moose stew-fancying former governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin may be visiting our shores this year. 

Well this just tears it. It seems the honourable Rev Fred Nile, Australia’s mirror image of James Dobson, has stuck his toe in the waters of Lake Sarah to test the political temperature. Wait until he finds out how much money it will cost him to stick his whole foot in there *smirk*

Anyway, I thought if Sarah’s thinking of hooking up with this guy, you should probably meet him first. Well – he’s a religious nutcake. There. You met him.

His bio reads like any other religious nutcake leader of the far right. He’s created a Christian Democratic Party and held its position as National Leader for something like 16 years with another 8 years to go.  The party has changed names a couple of times, but it’s still the same narrow-minded people with their same intolerances toward humanity leading the same flock of I-dunno-where-this-guy’s-going-but-he’s-got-food-in-his-pocket-so-I’m-there sheeple.

The CDP hold seats in parliament, though are not considered part of the basic ‘five party system’ which is Australia’s answer to America’s house and senate.  (I defined the Oz major political parties way back here.) 

Here’s where my brain gets derailed trying to follow Oz Government:

Evidently, all you need to start your own political party and get a seat in parliament is to win an election in any electorate. An electorate can be as big as hundreds of thousands of people in multiple shires (counties) or as small as a township of about 200. So if you live in a rural area where say all frog lovers have migrated because the mud is particularly good for breeding frogs, and there’s one guy you all seem to look up to for frog advice, then you can elect him to represent you and your ‘electorate’ in parliament – thus procuring a vote in government for you and all the collective frog lovers.

(It might be interesting to note that an electorate of 200 voting-aged people can actually all be the same family, considering that the Australia Govt. rewards families for having big families, and there are women out there today who are celebrated and photographed on their 80-100th birthdays with their 18-25 children around them, and their 50+ children around them.)

It’s like having lots and lots of Independent parties each representing a unique belief and each having a small say in how government treats those folks who believe the same unique ideal as you. Not a bad system, really, but a bit cumbersome in major elections, as one needs to pull all these little parties together with dozens of different, albeit well-meaning, campaign promises, many of which are sure to conflict.

It’s how I perceive the inevitable downfall of the Tea Party. What began as a unifying love of ‘tea’ began to find people wandering in different directions as they realized that they didn’t all actually like the same kind of tea. (Hey, when I said I liked tea I didn’t mean THAT KIND of tea…) Pretty soon they were broken into smaller groups, divided between loving Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe or White Ginger. The variety of flavours have become so vast, organizers of any Tea Party function can no longer offer everyone in their community a simple pot of tea. Now they need to boil this huge kettle of water so people can have their own special cuppas while pretending to be united.

Only now what unites them is a diluted sense of outrage, not the same cup of tea at all.

Fred Nile leads his own brand of diluted politics based upon White Christian Supremacy. He’s known for standing up in public and screaming OVER MY DEAD BODY when the first Gay Liberations Parade was placed on the Sydney calendar. He repeated this war cry when several thousands of Muslim refugees, displaced after the events of 9/11, were headed to our shores. He continues the cry even now, in an attempt to purge Australia from anyone who is not white-skinned and does not believe in his chosen religion. He’s right, after all, and the rest of us are wrong.

On the other hand, he’s had little to no effect on immigration or gay rights. Or anti-abortion, abstinence-only teachings, keeping a woman chained to the stove while dad puffs his chest and forages in the bush, etc. And the only person in all of New South Wales showing the slightest interest in taking over his responsibilities to the CDP in his old age turns out to be his son.

So if Sarah (and this is a big, big if) deigns to come to Australia and patronize this Wassilan-like band of merry men, there won’t be much money in it for her and there won’t be much publicity because Downunder her books sit in storage rooms gathering dust and most people neither know nor care who she is or what she’s about.  And her five children look pretty puny compared to the actual women here who have birthed dozens of children and sacrificed their own pursuits of fame and fortune to stay home and actually be hockey moms.

That said, there’s another uniquely Oz tradition down here. It has to do with greeting foreign dignitaries. If Sarah did come to Australia as a US political figure, she would be compelled to spend some time with our Aboriginal leaders as well. (One does not slight the original residents of The Land Downunder.) Now that’s a photo-op I’d truly love to witness – Sarah, surrounded by a troupe of Aboriginal dancers in full ash costume, engaged in conversation with Patrick Dodson.

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