Twenty-nine minutes before this video was taken, Melbourne’s famous Flemington racecourse was blanketed in sunshine with horses and riders in the last lap of the first race. Ladies, clad in light cocktail dresses and high heels, men in shorts and silk shirts were milling about on the lawns enjoying the day.

Twenty-nine minutes.

More storms are coming to this area. The areas in south eastern Australia that have already flooded do not have time to recover between downpours. My own state of Queensland, (aprox. 1300 k or 850 miles north east of Melbourne) has been so inundated with rain in the last several days, there are towns and suburbs completely cut off, surrounded by water. Rising water.

In 2007 a 15 minute hail storm wiped out a year’s worth of crops in northern Queensland. Sugarcane, bananas, avocados, citrus – nothing was left. When hail persists more than just a few minutes, it shreds entire trees. Literally shreds them bare. Often, whole shrubs have nothing left but their roots. In a state dependent upon marketing its vegetables and fruits, this can be economically brutal for thousands of businesses. Some of these businesses are just recovering. One more hail storm could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It blows me away when I hear supposedly-educated people speaking of how wonderful these cold fronts are because they disprove global warming.

This IS global warming. And if we don’t, as caretakers of this fragile planet, come together soon to find a solution for the roles we’ve played in causing global warming, there’s not going to be much of a planet left for our grandchildren. And there certainly won’t be enough food to go around.

By the by – 
– SES stands for State emergency Services.
– The green tinge throughout this video isn’t only from tinted windows. In Australia, when you look up at the clouds and they have this greenish-grey tinge, it’s a sure sign hail is on the way.

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