From channel 7 News [online] comes the story of how Queensland floodwaters are on the move. Some 1500 km north of yesterday’s huge storm in Melbourne, populated bits of townships and rural communities in my state are several days into isolation and government efforts are now mobilizing to drop food and supplies for both humans and livestock. If you scroll down, you’ll find a list of the affected areas and what’s being organized. The size of the list actually found me a bit overwhelmed. I had no idea that many places were without food or water.

Looks like we’ll all be getting off our duffs and helping out where we can. In the meantime, I’ve pinched this from the website. What a brilliant photo! And yes, the resemblance to the Palin clan did not escape me in light of the latest Swag hag description.

Heh – captions anyone? 

“Grasshoppers cling to a fence post to keep out of floodwaters on Clifton Station at Windorah in western Qld.” Submitted by: Ross and Wendy Groves

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