Cyclone Ului (you-lee) has been upgraded to a category four cyclone and is slowly heading toward the east coast of Australia. While we aren’t directly in it’s path, we tend to get plenty of residual rain and wind  from any tropical storm, far north, offshore or on.

So we’ve been in batten down the hatches mode for the past few days. I’ve just this evening finished washing every towel, blanket and sheet I could find, plus all our clothing. (Did you know that when all the washing in my house is done there’s actually not enough room to put it all away? Interesting arguement for letting it go, eh?) We tend to have water come under the front door with driving winds, and the downstairs laundry and craft room flood as they are built a meter below ground level, so when I know it’s coming, I like to pull the plugs on the machines and get everything mechanical off the floor.

Spouse is on resupplying torches and batteries detail, along with cleaning the camp stove and buying fuel. The larder is stocked with tins of food, drinking water and paper goods. Two things I can’t live without: Coffee and toilet paper. Everything else has a workable substitute – but you don’t want to be around me if I have to use yesterday’s coffee grounds in the morning and then tear up old magazines in the afternoon.

Patio furniture and garden tools like to take flying lessons in tropical Australian storms, along with my potted orchids and bromeliads. Having gained control of the inside, over the next two days I’ll be outside locking things away in the shed,making sure no loose items are hanging around, waiting to replay scenes from Harry Potter.

Then it’s the sit tight and wait game for the rest of the weekend. Hope you all stay warm and dry this weekend.  Meet you on the other side – Oz

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