HR: 3590 passes with 219 votes –

President Obama – Get your pen ready please, sir!

Oh maaaan you’re either all asleep or drunk already… WAKE UP WAKE UP ALASKA!!! I NEED VIDEO LINKS! I WANNA REPLAY THIS VOTE OVER AND OVER!

This is like being a little kid and waking up at 5am Christmas morning and realize you have to WAIT A WHOLE HOUR until mom and dad get up and let you open pressies 😛

*impatiently dances by herself


Well I haven’t danced this much in well I can’t even remember! [see comments] What good dancers you all are!

I woke up this morning with this song running through my head and thought oh oh! Must post so all the ‘happy dancers can sing too!

I’m renaming this: 
Sarah Heath Palin is Redundant Now (all of her death panels have disappeared)
…we need bright shiney new lyrics: