…and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put the Republican Party back together again.

It should be sad watching an institution crumble but for me, watching the Republicans receive their much-deserved comeuppance this week was more like watching the Berlin Wall topple to the sound of several million cheering onlookers. The Republican Party who – in their haste to win an election – forgot their manners, disrespected the office of the President of The United States and acted on the advice of pollsters rather than constituents – is now gasping its last bit of air as a responsible representation of the American people.  And try as I might, I’m hard-pressed to conjure up any sympathy.

For most of us, this week marks the burial of a campaign that should have died and been put to rest more than a year ago.  It used to be that once an election was over, the losing side pulled up their socks and got to work for the people they represented. They worked with the guys who won the election to get the job done and gave America their full attention until the next campaign. Something about honouring a good battle and behaving like men. Attributes the current Republican leaders seem to have dropped along the way, I’m guessing somewhere between Alaska, Arizona and Iraq.

No, there’s no sadness in my home. There is, however, a sense of justice.

This week’s events have been marked by really excellent writings of bloggers, journalists, columnists and television commentators alike. So many, in fact, it’s truly difficult to pick just one. Starting with this article from the Huffington Post, for the rest of the week, I’ll be posting links to my favourites.

Robert J. Elisberg
Posted: March 23, 2010

GOP Applies for Health Care for Self-Inflicted Wounds  

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a good thing when it’s Easter. In politics, though? Not so much.

The Republican Party put all its eggs in the “Tear Down President Barack Obama and Defeat Health Care Reform” basket. This was a questionable action at best. At worst, they could end up breaking their own kneecaps.

Unanimously fighting health care reform was questionable at best because few in America didn’t think the health care system had to be fixed in at least some way.

But at worst – yipes.

Yipes, because the President of the United States won the election campaigning on it. Both houses of Congress won majorities campaigning on it. And from the start, polls showed that the majority of the public wanted some kind of health care reform. Including a public option.

Yet in the face of all this, the Republican Party in Congress put every single one of its fragile eggs in a single basket and chose to unanimously fight health care reform.

The bill contained over 200 Republican proposals, and Republicans still unanimously voted against it.

The GOP was simply going to do whatever they could – unanimously – to defeat health care reform and bring down President Obama. Turn “Yes, We Can” into “No, He Can’t.” Republicans didn’t just want the seats a party out of power traditionally picks up in an off-year election. They wanted it all …<snip>…

Mr. Elisberg goes on to fully describe how the Republican plan to derail the Democrats backfired in epic proportions and then… he drops this precious little gem:

Republicans, who are usually so good at coming up with fake catch-phrases like “Death Taxes” made their biggest gaffe of all. Gargantuan.

You see…for the past year, Republicans have called this bill (say it all together now) – “ObamaCare.”

Health care reform is now known to everyone – thanks to Republican Talking Points – forevermore as ObamaCare.

They gave President Barack Obama full name credit.

ObamaCare. ObamaCare. ObamaCare. ObamaCare.


President Barack Obama – cares.

And the Republican Party is the one who told you …<snip>

 Please go to HuffPo and read the entire article here. 

PS. And for those who may have noticed, yes – yes I did, in fact, have a bit of fun with the tags on top. Why? Well because… I can!

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