Interesting take and discussion on current Republican status in America can be followed in this thread:

…and this from my mailbag.

PeterFromColo might not be a professional journo, but I think he’s captured the true essence of the current problems faced by our Congressional leaders in Washington D.C.

This just might appear in the dictionary under the word apropos:

Ollie asked his wife, “You never argue when I get mad at you.
How do you always control your anger?” 
“I clean the toilet,” she replied.
“How does that help?” he asked.
“I use your toothbrush.”

Well PeterFromColo, I think this is a terrific idea. Let’s give it a whirl in here, shall we?

It’s time to clean up the mess in Congress.  Our pollies need to know that we expect them to spend more time, energy and resources on solving problems rather than allowing some miscreant whingers to create new ones by reigniting the dead issues of racial and civil disharmony.

Just how many generations need to straddle a social ignorance the majority of us have outgrown and tossed in the bin the way a child outgrows a toy? Was the blood shed during the last 200 years not sufficient proof  our moral compass points in a new direction? Are today’s Republican leaders so out of touch with reality they actually want us to go back and shed more?

How many generations must beleaguer a bigotry that serves no earthly purpose in our society? Why do Republicans, in their desperate scramble for votes, hang their political futures on a subject most of today’s mature voters are loathe to revisit and so foreign to young voters most can’t even get their heads around the concept?

Maybe if the Republican side of the aisle would read more Lincoln and less Reagan, quote more Ghandi and less Palin they would chuck fewer tanties and we could get on with truly important issues like health care reform and climate change, educating our young and keeping America safe from outside harm.

Thanks for the idea Peter! I’m for cleaning up Congress. And I’m for using the Republican’s toothbrushes to do it.

I just might send a few pollies a toothbrush along with a note:


On second thought… think I’ll be sending these!

…might even add more – who knows – one can never have too many cleaning supplies 🙂

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